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7 Best Search Engines Other Than Google

7 Best Search Engines Other Than Google – Nak Blogz

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7 Best Search Engines Other Than Google – Well, this time the nakblogz admin wants to share info about search engine sites similar to google. So far we only know Google as a site to find and share information.

But did you know there are also sites that are similar to Google and they say they have fast search speeds. good curious about 7 Search Engine Sites Similar to Google. Read carefully below:

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1. Bing
The first is Bing, who doesn’t know that Bing “a site that is under the Microsoft flag” has a working system that is almost similar to Google. Bing was first created using a technology, namely the Power set. This technology serves to enable users to obtain more certain and accurate search results. The Bing website groups searches according to 4 categories namely: WEB,IMAGES,NEWS,xRANK. So the Bing search engine is also a good alternative to google.

2. Yahoo
Yahoo is a website or search engine that is widely used today. Yahoo is said to be similar to Google because in its working system it is almost similar to Google, but there is also a difference between this search engine. Yahoo is also able to access various sites on the internet ranging from social media and others. no wonder Yahoo is also still often used in internet cafes – small cafes to access information.

3. Youtube
Youtube or the search engine used to access the video. very many people use it, some use it as an income enhancer and some just watch videos like TV. If we often upload videos and register them for certain ads, we will most likely get coffers from advertising. No wonder many people are now creating youtube channels to earn extra income.

4. Memex
The next search engine or search engine is called memex, memex is a search engine used for big missions. Memex was created by DARPA. This search engine is very different from Google because memex is able to find banned sites that cannot be accessed via google but memex is able to access them. and also memex can also access the deep web.

5. Altavista
By using this search engine you can find pictures, websites, and news through this search engine. Altavista itself also has a speed that is able to compete with Google in its performance of searching for web sites and others. So not infrequently people use Altavista for an alternative to Google.

6. Ask
Ask is a search engine that has the capabilities of Google. you can search for information, websites and others just by using so that Ask users from year to year continue to increase and it is reported that Ask has recently updated its features so that the ability of its search engine has increased dramatically.

7. Duck Duck Go
The last search engine is Duck Duck Go. This one search engine is very good because you can search for something on the internet and are able to maintain your privacy. and Duck Duck Go is also able to compete with Search Engines because what you are looking for is more accurate. so that this one search engine is also loved by many people. So are you curious and want to try this search engine?

So, that’s all at a glance some of the best search engines besides google via nakblogz, hopefully by reading this article you will get and add insight about technology, nowadays. That is all and thank you.

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