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7 Best Music Player Apps on Android

7 Best Music Player Applications on Android – Boy Blogz

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7 Best Music Player Apps on Android – Hello brosist, back to this small yet simple blog, none other than NakBlogz. On this occasion I will share information about technology. I will discuss the Music Player application on android.

For those of you who want to hear songs but are confused about where to go, I have a solution, namely by installing a music player application on each of your androids. Instead of downloading songs one by one from mbah google, it’s better to stream online or download them on a music player application.

Previously, if you didn’t want to download the song you wanted to hear, you could stream the song online. In the music player application on Android, you are free to search for artists, songs, and albums according to your taste and the music player application below, you can customize songs with the genre of dj, jazz, pop, and so on.

Well without wasting time, let’s discuss together here are the 7 Best and Most Popular Music Player Applications on Android:

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1. JOOX Music – Live Now!

The first best music player application on Android is JOOX. Who doesn’t know this music player application? I’m sure you all know and have heard of it. With this JOOX application, friends, it is easier for you to stream songs online and you can also download the songs.

The JOOX application has many features in it and also has a very large variety of songs. We can also hear songs from categories: Dj, Relaxing, Enthusiastic and many more.

In this application, if you want to download or play a song marked as VIP, you have to buy the VIP, but if you want a free VIP for one day, you can share songs on Joox to Facebook to get free VIP. If you don’t have this application, you can download JOOX on the Google Play Store.

2. SoundCloud – Music&Audio

The second music player application on Android is SoundCloud. This application also has complete application features. In this application, you can search for the name of the artist, the name of the song, and the album of the song that you want to listen to.

In the SoundCloud application, you can also download the songs you want to hear for free via SoundCloud. In addition, SoundCloud also has many songs that you can download for free.

This application is also very popular and many have this application because listening to songs with an android phone is not complicated and also downloading and streaming is fast and simple. If interested, please take it directly from the source.

3. Phonograph Music Player

The next music player application is called Phonograph. This application is easy to use and easy to modify. because in this application you can change the primary color and accent color in this Phonograph application.

The phonograph itself has a smooth appearance and is good for the eye. This Phonograph application is also able to stream your favorite songs and if you don’t want to play songs online, you can also download the songs so they can be played offline.

To play music on your Android, you can use the Phonograph application to stream music online and also listen to songs offline.

4. Shuttle Music Player

The next best android music player app is Shuttle Music Player. Applications that are lightweight and provide a lot of genre songs. And also the shuttle can be used to stream songs online.

If you want to be offline when playing music, you have to download the music first. This Shuttle application also has a very good appearance and is pleasing to the eye. Shuttle also has many features including many song variants.

You just need to search for the name of the song, Album and Artist, Shuttle will automatically find the song you want to find and play. Shuttle is very good to install on a smartphone because it looks really good.

5. Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

The Musikmatch application is indeed very fitting and suitable to be installed on your Android phone, because this application has many variants of songs. As the name implies, this application also includes songs that can be played, this application also provides Lyrics for the music that we play.

So it’s more enjoyable and easy to listen to music with added lyrics that will make us memorize the songs we listen to. This application is also very good and more than 10 Million people have used this application.

If you don’t have the Musixmatch application, you can download it for free on the Google Play Store. Guaranteed my friend will be satisfied with the songs and lyrics that my friend listens to.

6. Music Player – Audio Player

The next best android music player application is called Music Player. Very good application you have. Because the Music Player application also has full features: you can stream music online until you can download the music you like.

The application is said to be complete because it has a nice and cool appearance and is suitable for Android phones. And also this application has a beautiful appearance in the eye. And also the music and songs are complete, from famous music to newly released ones, we can listen to.

If my friend is interested in having this one application, my friend, please pick it from the play store, it is guaranteed that the application is free.

7. PlayerPro Music Player

The last music player application on Android is PlayerPro Music Player. An application that has a great look. And also have a myriad or many songs. In this application, you can stream songs online and you can also download songs that you like directly in this application.

PlayerPro Music Player is also very popular and many people use this application. Because loading when playing songs or music is very fast and simple to use. But unfortunately this application is paid in the play store for approximately Rp. 55,000.

But even though this application is paid but in this application it is very good. And of course you have nothing to lose by buying this application because the applications you get are very, very good.

So, those are some of the best and most popular music player applications on Android, the NakBlogz version. Hopefully the article above gives you a reference about choosing a suitable application for playing songs on Android.

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