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7 Best And Most Popular Android Open World Games

7 Best and Most Popular Android Open World Games – Nak Blogz

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7 Android Open World Games – Open world games or commonly called adventure games will make those who play them addicted and want to play them again and again. Open world games are very diverse.

For this reason, open world games are very suitable to be played in free and relaxed times. because open world games require you to complete certain missions and will certainly make your eyes bulge playing it hehe.

Open world games themselves are loved by many people because open world games can do whatever we want from shooting, hitting, and fighting. Of course, the Open World game will make players addicted.

So what’s the game? Well without further ado, I will tell you about the open world game info as follows:

Best Android Open World Games

7. Gangstar Vegas

The seventh is an open world game called Gangstar Vegas, this one game is similar to GTA (Grand Theft Auto) only that there are several different looks. Gangstar vegas game has a lot of missions and will make players addicted to complete these missions. The Gangstar Vegas game is made by a well-known game producer, Game Loft.

Game loft makes excellent games and has stunning graphics that’s why Game Loft has become a well-known game manufacturer. Gangstar Vegas game, you can download for free on the google play store, but in the game there are also paid ones using real money. And also my friend can make a gang in this game with friends. How Interested in becoming a gangstar?

6. Gangstar Rio : City Of Saints

  Gangstar Rio: City of Saints- screenshot

The next open world game is Gangstar Rio game whose developer is the same as Gangstar Vegas, Game Loft. Gangstar rio has quite a lot of missions. and in the game you can shoot, fight and steal cars like a gangstar. This game also has pretty good graphics, compared to other games.

Gangstar Rio as the name implies, my friend is led to become a gangstar in a big city and has an important mission. However, it is very unfortunate that the Gangstar Rio game pays on the play store for around Rp. 99,000. If you want to buy this game, you have nothing to lose because the games you get are very good. How interested in buying it? If you want to download it for free, you can download it on Google. but at your own risk.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  The Amazing Spider-Man 2- screenshot

The next open world game, The Amazing Spiderman 2, is a very good game to play. In this game, you will become a Spider-Man or spiderman who conquers evil. The missions of this game are also very diverse from the easiest to the most difficult. Buddy will eradicate evil by hitting and fighting with enemies. This game was also developed by the most popular developer, GameLoft.

This game that has amazing graphics is perfect for friends who like to play HD games. But it’s a pity that the game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is paid, aka you have to pay when you want to download 🙁 . But the money you spend will break even with the game you get is so good. If you want a copy, you can search for it on google. Interested in being a spider man ?

4. Six Guns : Gang Showdown

  Six-Guns: Gang Showdown- screenshot

The next game comes from a popular developer, GameLoft, the game he developed, namely Six Guns. A cowboy-themed game set in an earlier city. In this game, my friend will have an adventure on horseback and complete the mission given.

Six guns game is perfect for gamers who like adventure, because six guns games are more adventurous and make players feel at home playing for a long time. You can download this game for free on the Google Play Store. Six guns is perfect for those of you who like adventure in the old city. how interested in being a cowboy?

3. Assassin’s Creed Identity

  Assassin's Creed Identity- screenshot

The next open world game is called Assassins Creed Identity. Games that make us become warriors and beat all the missions provided by this game. The game assassins creed identity is perfect for gamers who like adventure. The game assassins creed identity is a game released by a fairly popular developer, Ubisof Entertainment.

This game also has pretty stunning graphics and amazes you when playing. And Assassins Creed Identity also has cool characters that we can edit by adding weapons and clothes. But it’s a shame that this game is paid for in the play store now around Rp. 45,000. It’s not bad to pay but everything we pay for it will pay off from the games that we get are very good and good. But if you want to download it for free, you can download the game apk + data on google.

2. Grand Theft Auto : Vice City

  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City- screenshot

This legendary game is also the best open world game, because this game has so many fans until now. In the game, you become someone who is free to do anything in a city with a 1980s theme and the clothes in the GTA Vice City game are the same as the clothes from the 1980s.

In this game there are also many missions that we must complete to unlock the whole city. In this game we are free to do anything such as, Killing people, fighting with police, stealing cars, and walking through the vice city of the 1980s era. But this game is paid if you download it through the google play store but even though it is paid this game is very much in demand by many people who like open world games.

1. Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas- screenshot

The best-selling game and the best game with the first open world genre is GTA: San Andreas. who doesn’t know this legendary game? Of course, everyone knows this game because this game can be played on various devices from PS, PC, X-Box, and now Android. In the gameplay of GTA: SA a person who has just been released from prison named CJ (Carl Jonhshon) returns to his house but his house is empty there he meets big smoke (his old friend) and that’s where this game starts, Cj must complete all the missions in the game this.

And this game developed by rockstar game is very popular because it has good graphics. and it’s a shame that this game is not free, bro, you have to pay around Rp. 79,000 from the Google play store, but if you have played this game, the money you have to spend to buy this game is breakeven with the game you get is so cool. But if you want free, you can browse the internet and download a copy.

That’s the review of the best Android open world game, Nakblogz version. Follow the article updates by clicking follow below the article. This article was created so that everyone who is looking for references

About Open world games, it can be helped and not confused in choosing an open world game that is suitable for his favorite Android. So many articles from me, thank you.

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