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6 Easy Ways to Overcome "Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped"

6 Ways to Overcome “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped” The Instagram application on Android has indeed become one of the most popular applications today. Because by using this application we can share photos and videos on Instagram. but not all Smartphones are able to run all applications, so it will cause some applications that you want to open will exit itself or Force Close.

Not to mention the Instagram application, because in this application there are many features so that your cellphone is not strong so there will be problems with your Instagram application, namely Instagram stops itself or there is an inscription “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped” or “Unfortunately Instagram Has StoppedIf there is an inscription, you don’t need to panic and worry because things like this are common when your smartphone specifications are not adequate.

This is usually experienced by someone when it is fun to stalk photos, watching videos, suddenly Instagram stops by itself, of course those who often experience this will be annoyed and emotional. Therefore, on this occasion we would like to share a tutorial on How to Easily Overcome “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped”. Previously, why did Instagram stop suddenly? There are several factors that causesadly instagram has stopped“This appears, the cause of Instagram to stop suddenly according to want blogz are as follows.

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Cause Instagram Stopped Alone on Android

There are several factors that cause the Instagram application to often exit by itself, these factors are as follows.

  • Full Internal Storage – If the internal storage (Internal Memory) of an Android cellphone is full, then running an application will cause problems, one of which is force close. if your Instagram application stops by itself, maybe one of the causes is that your HP Internal Storage is full.
  • Opening Apps Simultaneously – That is, if you open the application simultaneously, then your smartphone cannot run the application smoothly, then applications such as Instagram stop automatically.
  • Smartphone RAM Full – RAM has an important role to run an application on a cellphone. because if you have a lot of applications on Android then your RAM is getting less. this is the main cause when we often ask instagram has stopped what does it mean? then here is the answer.

How to Solve “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped” Easily

To overcome Instagram has stopped on Iphone, Android, then we need to pay attention to the Instagram application itself and also the smartphone that we use. the solution for Instagram to stop itself is as follows.

1. Update Instagram App

Usually on the old Instagram application there are lots of bugs, maybe that’s a factor that causes Instagram to stop on its own. to update this application you just open the Google Play Store application then search for Instagram and Update / Update.

2. Clear Instagram Cache

To clear the cache on the Instagram application on Android, you need to open Settings/Settings Application Manager Instagram Clear Cache / Clear Cache. By deleting the Instagram application cache, the memory on Instagram will be reduced and your cellphone can run the application smoothly.

3. Update Android to the Latest Version

Every android brand has a different android version. if your android version is still old you can update it yourself by opening Settings Device Info Check for Updates. if there is an update you just download it. but if your android gets an update there will usually be a notification / notification to update the android version.

4. Restart HP

If Instagram still stops itself, there’s nothing wrong with restarting your Android phone. it should be noted that restarting the cellphone is different from turning off the cellphone and then turning it back on. to restart your cellphone, press and hold the power button on your cellphone then there will be an option and then you select Start Again. Your cellphone will automatically restart by itself.

5. Don’t Open Apps Simultaneously

how to overcome Instagram which often stops itself on Android is quite easy, one of which is that you open only one application. This method is quite powerful because by opening an Android application, Android’s performance will focus on the application, unlike opening the application simultaneously it will make your Android phone slow.

6. Delete Instagram

The last way to solve Instagram is stopping itself is to delete the Instagram application on your Android and then re-download the Instagram application on the Play Store. before you delete the Instagram application, you must remember your Instagram Username and Password. Because if you re-download the Instagram application you have to enter your username and password as before.

Conclusion :

that’s fine 6 Ways to Overcome “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped” Easily. for the last method above, you can try because I have proven it myself. maybe that’s the only cause of Instagram stopping itself and how to overcome Instagram stopping itself from us, hopefully it will be useful.

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