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5 Ways to Update Instagram Latest Version 2022

How to Update the Latest Instagram 2022 – Instagram is a very popular photo and video sharing social media application.

With newer features on Instagram, Instagram always makes useful Instagram updates to include the latest features.

But for some people updating Instagram is difficult – it’s easy because we can update Instagram from several download media.

Whether it’s using the Without Play Store on Android, or the AppStore for the Iphone. Then how to easily update Instagram Instagram to the new version?

Here I have summarized 3 Ways to Update the Latest Version of Instagram.

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How to Update Instagram App

1. Via Google Play Store

For those of you Android cellphone users, you can use the Play Store to update Instagram.

Very easy and simple way to update Instagram. Here’s How to Update Instagram (IG) via the Play Store.

  • Open the Google Play Store, then search for “Instagram
  • Then in the Instagram application you just select “Updates
  • Wait until the update is complete, and your Instagram is the latest version.

2. Updating Instagram Without Play Store

If the Google Play Store on your cellphone has problems and can’t update Instagram.

We have a solution for those of you who want to update Instagram without the play store. Here are the steps to update Instagram without play store.

  • Then in the search menu, you type “Instagram“.
  • Then the Instagram from the latest version and Instagram from the old version will appear. you are enough Download/Download latest version of Instagram app.
  • After downloading, you just need to install the latest version of Instagram on your cellphone.

3. Update Instagram Via Google

It’s the same as the method above, but updating Instagram via Google is more effective and practical.

Here are the steps to update Instagram via Google.

  • The first step is to open a browser (Chrome)
  • Then type “Instagram.Apk
  • Then you choose a trusted website (as in the picture).
  • Download Instagram and install it on your cellphone.

4. Automatic Updates

For those of you who don’t like being complicated, maybe you can try applying the automatic update method for updating the Instagram application.

Because the play store has an automatic application update feature, here’s how to automatically update the Instagram application.

  • First open the Google Play store, and select the settings menu on the top left side of the Play Store.
  • Then go to the general menu settings select “Update Applications Automatically
  • Then you can choose automatic updates with a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

5. With Share It

You can update Instagram by using the Share It application.

The method is quite easy, you only need 2 mobile phones – both install the Share It application.

  • Then open the Share It application you connect with another phone.
  • The last step is to send the latest version of the Instagram application.

There are many ways to update the Instagram application as above, but there are also Instagram applications that have errors and are difficult to update on Android.

Here I explain how the Instagram application cannot be updated and the solution.

Why can’t Instagram be updated?

Many people often experience failure to update Instagram, whether it’s an error application or your cellphone has an error.

However, the search results fail to update or Instagram cannot be updated because it is possible that the Instagram application is corrupt or your cellphone memory storage is not sufficient.

Here’s how to solve Instagram can’t be updated.

Solving Instagram Can’t Be Updated

1.Re-Install Instagram App

The first step I recommend is to Un-Install the Instagram application on your cellphone and then reinstall the latest version of Instagram.

Because the old Instagram application could have an error (corrupt), then installing updates cannot be done.

So my suggestion is to Re-Install Instagram.

2.Check HP Internal Storage

There’s nothing wrong with checking your cellphone’s internal storage, because with a small amount of remaining storage space, it can cause the Instagram application to experience problems when updating.

One of the problems that can be found is the Instagram application cannot be updated.

That’s 5 Ways to Update Instagram Latest Version 2022.

If you have difficulty updating Instagram, you can choose one of the ways to update the Instagram application above.

That’s how to update the Instagram application. Hope it is useful.