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5 Ways to Overcome Pending or Delayed WhatsApp Messages

Resolve Delayed or Pending WhatsApp Messages – Have you ever had problems with your WhatsApp application? one of them is pending when sending a message and there is a clock symbol. if you have experienced this, it will certainly make you annoyed because it could be whatsapp pending even though the signal is good.

With this, you don’t have to worry because this time I will share a way so that your WhatsApp is no longer pending and delayed when sending messages. Previously, WhatsApp was a popular social media application in 2022 and was even able to compete with other social media applications, therefore many WhatsApp users today also often experience pending problems when sending messages, is the internet signal is good and smooth.

Then what is the cause of WhatsApp pending? and many ask why whatsapp keeps clocking? or why wa not sent? here I will answer these questions as well as provide tips for overcoming pending whatsapp. following right away 5 Ways to Overcome Pending or Delayed WhatsApp Messages.

How to Overcome WhatsApp Pending

As I said above, that the cause of whatsapp is often pending is the internet network, smartphone, or even the whatsapp application that is never updated. to overcome whatsapp pending, here I summarize it 5 ways to solve wa pending messages.

1. Pay attention to the Internet Network

Many underestimate the internet signal for whatsapp, because whatsapp has always been known for its anti-pending when sending messages even though the internet signal is interrupted at once. but it’s a good idea to check your internet network so it’s good so WhatsApp can run smoothly.

2. Update the WhatsApp Application

By using the latest version of WhatsApp, you will get many of the latest features compared to the old WhatsApp version because usually the old version of the application has many bugs that must be fixed by updating the application. to update wa latest version you can open Play store – Whatsapp – Update.

3. Lock Signal 4G LTE Only

It can’t be denied that nowadays all internet network cards are capable of 4G LTE. For those of you who want to activate 4G LTE Only on all smartphone brands, you can read: How to Lock 4G Signal All Android. by locking the 4g signal, of course the internet speed becomes stable and makes WhatsApp no ​​longer pending.

4. Enable Airplane Mode

By activating airplane mode, your internet network will refresh by itself. The trick is to turn on airplane mode and then turn off airplane mode again. then your internet will be refreshed and your signal will be more stable.

5. Restart Smartphone

If all the methods above still can’t solve the wa pending, it’s a good idea to try this last method, namely restarting the smartphone. It is undeniable that cellphones that work all day long that are never restarted must often experience errors and break quickly. therefore I recommend restarting your smartphone at least once a day.

The final word :

That’s 5 Ways to Overcome Pending or Delayed WhatsApp Messages. By trying one by one the way to overcome the pending wa above, it is certain that your wa will not be pending or delayed again. well maybe that’s the only way to solve the error wa can’t send messages and why whatsapp is pending even though the signal is good. Hope it is useful.