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5 Items Counter Hero Marksman Mobile Legends Season 23

 5 Items Counter Hero Marksman Mobile Legends, Must Buy!

Hero Marksman is now getting a spotlight from Mobile Legends. Not just a sidelaner, even a jungler (Natan) or a midlaner (Beatrix).

Frequent encounters make us also have to know what items we must buy for the Marksman hero counter.

But this is not just for one Marksman hero, because Marksman also has many different types of playstyles, even the damage output is also different.

Item Counter Hero Marksman

Antique Cuirass

Maybe what you know is that this is an item for an Assassin counter hero, and that's not wrong. Only this item can counter heroes who rely more on skills that produce physical attacks.

And you definitely know which Marksmans rely more on skills than their basic attacks. That's right, there are Granger and Brody, both of which you can counter using this item, right.

Dominance Ice

Well, for this item you may be familiar with anti regen. That's also true, but besides that he can reduce the opponent's attack speed.

And many Marksman like Claude, Miya, and Wanwan who rely on attack speed. So, you can really buy this one item to counter Marksman heroes like that.

Radiant Armor

Why is there an anti-Mage item here? Radiant can indeed easily ward off Mage like Chang'e who relies on repeated damage. But there is also Marksman who can do repeated damage and produce magic, for example, Nathan and Edith. These two heroes are really counter to you using this Radiant item.

Blade Armor

Maybe now it is rarely seen and used. But it could be your item of choice for counter marksman. This item clearly has high armor stats, and its passive can reflect the opponent's basic attack. Usually, for opponents, Claude is also quite good.

Twilight Armor

Anti-Aldous items? No, this is not just to ward off Aldous, this item has a high crit damage reduction.

And can ward off heroes who rely on high crit damage such as Lesley, Bruno, and others. Although indeed if you see rarely use this item.

Those are the 5 Marksman hero counter items in Mobile Legends. Use this item according to the conditions and the opponent you are facing, because there are differences in the abilities of these items. Do not be Wrong.

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