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5 Best PUBG Survival Battle Similar Games for Android

5 Best PUBG Survival Battle Similar Games for Android – Who doesn’t know the Suvival Battle game on PC, namely PUBG (PlayerUnknow’sBattleGround). with the survival genre or survival, making this game much in demand by many people. because besides the graphics are very cool and good the gameplay of this PUBG game is also very good.

But if you don’t have a PC/Laptop device to play PUBG? you don’t need to be confused and worried, because now you can play pubg games on android. if you are a fan of PUBG or survival games on android, maybe you can try some of the following games. ok, just here are the 5 Best PUBG Survival Battle-like Games for Android versions NakBlogz.

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Survival Battle Game Similar to PUBG Android

1. Free Fire – Battlegrunds

The best android survival game similar to the PUBG game, the first one is called Free Fire – Battleground. This survival-themed game is very similar to PUBG, because in the Free Fire game you can play with many people around the world. The map in this game is also quite extensive, and you don’t have to doubt that the graphics are really good. with a size of not 200mb it is very light to play on android without lag. If you are interested in playing PUBG on Android, maybe you can try playing the Free Fire Battleground game.


The best Android PUBG game with very smooth graphics falls on the RULES OF SURVIVAL (RoS) game, this game is almost similar to PUBG but is played via Android. This survival game also has almost the same gameplay as other survival games such as Free Fire Battleground. but the advantage of this game is that it has very smooth graphics and very detailed shooting effects that will make players feel at home playing the game.

3. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

Bullet strike battlegrounds is a survival game that can be played on iOS and Android devices. This game is also almost similar to PUBG because this game is a battle arena, so in the game, you have to survive and shoot enemies. but unfortunately this game has not been released in Indonesia, but if you really want to play this game even though it hasn’t been released on the Indonesian Play Store, you can download it on Google or a download place other than the Play Store.

4. Last Battleground: Survival

The next PUBG-like game on Android is Last Battleground: Survival. Last Battleground: Survival is a game in the form of a batte royale match, each match in this game consists of 40 players who will be placed in an arena like an uninhabited island. like other survival games, when the game starts all players will jump with a parachute from the plane without carrying any equipment. and later you will get the tools to fight on the island or the arena.

5. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel War

The best Android PUBG-like game as well as a cover, namely Grand Battle Royale: Pixel War. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel War is a survival game that is similar to PUBG on PC, but only the characters in this game are shaped like characters in minecraft, so they are called pixel wars. although this game is in the form of pixel war, not a few people play this game because it is fun and light for their respective androids.

Conclusion :

that 5 Best PUBG Survival Battle Similar Games for Android. from the best offline and online android survival games above, it can be concluded that PUBG games like on PC you can play on Android by playing survival battle games like the game discussed above. Well that’s all the best android pubg games, hopefully it’s useful.

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