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5 Best Lightest PC Video Player Software

5 Lightest Video Players on PC – Watching a video or movie via a computer, PC or laptop is indeed the best choice for those of you who want to watch videos with a wide enough screen because it makes it seem more real when watching the video.

But have you ever thought about how to play videos on a PC? Of course, you just have to choose to play videos without knowing the MP4 player application or software on your PC. Therefore, this time I will share some of the best video player applications for Windows in 2022.

By sharing information about the software so that you can play videos on your PC with the best video player, if your PC’s default video player software is damaged or has an error, you can choose some of the lightest laptop PC video player applications below.

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List of Best PC Video Players

As I have explained about the mp4 video player application on a Windows PC, it is hoped that you can choose a suitable and lightweight video player for your PC, because many laptop PC video player software are difficult to run on certain PCs. therefore I will share information about 5 Best Lightest PC Video Player Software 2022 which is guaranteed to fit on your PC.

1. GOM Player

The lightest video player application for pc the first is GOM Player. By using the application/software the GOM video player is able to run on even low PC specifications. equipped with advanced features in the form of you can capture screenshots, watch video effects, adjust speed and many more the best features in the GOM video player application.

2. KMPlayer

KMplayer is one of the best video player applications for PC because it is equipped with very advanced features that other video players rarely have, namely playing videos with video quality up to 4K. as well as other advanced capabilities, namely that you can play online tv or stream videos using KMPlayer as the video player.

3. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a video player application that has been known for a long time and is very popular, even every PC will usually be equipped with a video player application in the form of VLC Media Player, but only certain computers are equipped with the default VLC application. for those of you who don’t have the VLC Media Player video player application on your PC, you can download this application directly because of its many advantages. and can play videos in the form of MP4, AVI, VLF, MKV, and RMVB.

4. Pot Player

Maybe some people are rarely familiar with this PC video player application. Yes, it’s natural that you rarely know, because this application is a new application. although fans of Pot Player are not as many as GOM, VLC or other applications. but it can amaze you if you use this video player software application because it has a unique feature, namely that you can watch 360-degree videos with Pot Player.

5. Zoom Player Free

With the name alone, you can conclude that this one video player application you can use for free and permanently. because it is a very light and best application, it will make you comfortable to use Zoom Player Free to be used as a video or movie player media whether online or offline.

Conclusion :

That’s 5 Best Lightest PC Video Player Software. By using one of the PC video player software above, it is certain that the application is very good and light for you to use. because I have concluded from some of the best video player applications. maybe that’s all video player software. hope it’s helpful.

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