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4 Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 over Iphone 7

Recently, Indonesia has been in an uproar by a new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a premium class smartphone, which can compete with the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is indeed very popular of all time, especially in Indonesia. The iPhone 7 has its own charm to attract buyers. Thanks to the release of the Samsung S8, it is able to compete with the iPhone 7 in terms of design and price.

And thanks to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which has several superior features compared to the iPhone 7. And on this occasion I would like to share information about the reasons for buying a Samsung Galaxy S8 compared to an iPhone 7. Although equally sophisticated, the Samsung S8 has good features. and you must know so that later you don’t buy a smartphone wrong. and I summarize into 4 reasons to buy a Galaxy S8 smartphone compared to the iPhone 7 are as follows:

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1. A more sophisticated runway

Talking about the kitchen runway, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is inseparable from the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset which will accelerate the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Not only that, Ram and internal memory are enlarged as well as an additional micro SD which is also enlarged so that users are comfortable using this sophisticated smartphone.

2. A wider screen than the Iphone 7

The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone screen is indeed wider than the iPhone 7. measured by the screen area, the Samsung Galaxy S8 itself has a screen size of 5.8 ” while for the iPhone 7 it is 4.7 ”. So from here we know that having a wide enough screen will make the wearer comfortable. although the screen is very wide, it doesn’t make this smartphone difficult to carry because most smartphones are full of screens and almost without bezels. So for that you know you have to choose a good smartphone.

3. Very advanced features compared to the Iphone 7

Samsung is indeed endless to innovate to make its smartphone unrivaled, this is evident from the features that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has, namely, the Iris scanner, namely: being able to scan the eye, and a fingerprint that is able to open the smartphone only with the fingerprint sensor, and IP68 certificate which makes this smartphone waterproof.

4. The last one is cheaper than the iphone 7

Talking about the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone itself, it costs around 10 – 12 million, and the standard version of the iPhone 7 only costs around 12 – 17 million. but the price of the S8 smartphone is only slightly cheaper than the iPhone 7.


All smartphones certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages, but we need to realize that it is better if we look at the specifications of the smartphone we want to buy so we don’t regret it later. The Samsung S8 is indeed superior to the iPhone 7 both in terms of design and features.

But behind the advantages of the Samsung S8 there are disadvantages, namely using the Android OS, while the Iphone 7 is IOS, which is the operating system. To choose the smartphone that you want to buy, it all depends on you.

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