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3 Ways to Play PUBG Mobile So It Doesn't Lag on Android

Tips To Not Lag When Playing Pubg Mobile – PUBG, who doesn’t know this game? PUBG is very popular on PC, but did you know that Tencent recently released a mobile version of PUBG, namely PUBG MOBILE. PUBG Mobile also has similarities with the PUBG PC version.

However, not just any cellphone can play this PUBG Mobile game, because the size of the game is quite large above 1.5GB which must be played on a smartphone that has sufficient specifications. Usually if your smartphone has low specifications, then usually this game will experience lag.

Therefore, if you don’t have a high-class smartphone, you don’t need to worry about experiencing lag, because we have the best solution to overcome lag when playing pubg mobile on your android. well, just for those of you who are curious about how to play pubg mobile it doesn’t lag, it’s as follows.

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How to Play PUBG Mobile So It Doesn’t Lag

Actually, there are many causes for PUBG Mobile to experience lag on smartphones, one of which is inadequate smartphone specifications, but if the lag comes from other reasons? maybe the following method can be the best solution for you. the following settings for pubg mobile so that it doesn’t lag when playing on android.

1. PUBG Mobile Graphic Settings

To overcome Lag in Pubg Mobile, the following simple thing is to adjust the graphics in Pubg, you can set it so you don’t experience lag. for Graphic settings you can set everything low. or you can see the picture above. by setting the graphics according to the smartphone’s capabilities will reduce lag when you play pubg mobile.

2. Pay attention to the Internet Network

To play pubg mobile so you don’t lag too much, the first thing you have to pay attention to is that you have to use a stable and good internet network. because if the internet network is not stable while playing in the game, there will be some lags such as errors in the bag, broken enemies and many more.

3. With the GFX Tool App

The last way to overcome lag when playing pubg mobile games on android is to use a supporting application, namely the GFX Tool, this application functions to adjust graphics, shadows and resolutions for playing pubg on smartphones. here’s how to keep pubg mobile from breaking using the GFX Tool is as follows.

– Download the GFX Tool Application [DOWNLOAD]

– Open the application and set as shown below

– then pay attention to the PUBG Mobile game version to match the settings in the GFX Tool application

– Finally click “ACCEPT”

Information : For the third way to use the GFX Tool, before opening the PUBG Mobile game, you first set the settings as above in the GFX Tool application, after that you select “ACCEPT” on the GFX Tool, PUBG Mobile will automatically open.

The final word :

That’s How to Play PUBG Mobile So It Doesn’t Lag on Android. By running the method above, it is certain that there will be no lag when playing PUBG Mobile. well maybe that’s the only way to keep pubg mobile from breaking, as well as tips so it doesn’t lag when playing pubg mobile. Hope it is useful.

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