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20 Best And Fun Action Games for Android

Game Action or action is a game that is highly sought after by lovers of action games. Action games themselves have various types and categories. On this occasion, we will try to provide references about the best and most exciting Android action games 2022. Action games do have similarities with RPG games. However, the difference is quite striking between action games and RPG games, namely in terms of the gameplay which is rather good and has stunning graphics that make players feel at home.

Previously, the action game itself gave a distinct impression to the players because in this action genre game it will make you better think about something that will be followed up just by playing an action game and also because there are many obstacles and missions that must be completed in playing this action game. Well, without going into detail, here are the 20 Best and Most Exciting Android Action Games, NakBlogz version.

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This game was just released yesterday afternoon, March 23, 2022. The super mario run game has similarities with the super mario games that existed in the past. Even though this game has just been released, more than 400,000 people have downloaded this game. The super mario run game which is famous for its unique and interesting GamePlay makes people who play this game feel at home and keep playing. This game developed by a well-known game developer, Nintendo, is indeed very good to play on your device. Because this game is lightweight with a size of no more than 60 Mb. The mission of this game is that you are required to get as many coins as possible and successfully pass the obstacles that are given perfectly. This one game is an online game, namely a game that must be played with an internet network. Even so, this game has a unique appearance and will make players addicted to playing this game. What are you waiting for, install this game now on your android.

A game that has the same impression as its predecessor, Space Marshals. But Game Space Marshals 2 is free to download. This game has pretty good graphics compared to other games because the themes and backgrounds are very detailed. In this Space Marshals 2 game, you are required to shoot your enemies with the weapons you have. The weapons are also very diverse and real like the original weapons. In this game you have to complete the given mission as well as possible to proceed to the next mission.

The same game was developed by the developer Space Marshals 2. This game is very similar to Space Marshals 2 but there are also prominent differences, namely the display of space marshals is more premium and there are maps and other features. This game requires you to battle with enemies and complete the missions in the game. The weapons provided are also very many so you will be addicted to playing this game. But it’s a shame that this game costs Rp. 61,547 even though this game is also very popular.

The Hungry Shark game is indeed very unique because in this game you will become a hungry shark. The main mission in this game is that you are required to eat swimmers or people who are diving. Having a nice and unique display will make players who play this Hungry Shark World game will be happy. Although the mission is fairly easy, there are missions or levels in this game that are difficult and difficult to pass.

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