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2 ways to find out who unfollowed us on Instagram

How To Find Out People Who Unfollow Instagram – This social media has indeed become one of the most popular applications.

Because with the Instagram feature that has a Foolowing and Followes system, where if we have a lot of Followers / Followers, we will get a lot of benefits.

One of them is that we become an endorser, or celebrity, and start an income business with an Instagram account with lots of followers, which will make many people know our instagram account.

However, there is a problem where sometimes we often experience that Instagram followers are decreasing little by little.

This will make you confused, especially if you have a lot of followers, so you don’t know which person intentionally unfollows your Instagram account.

But this time you don’t need to be confused, because I will share tips to find out the accounts of people who unfollowed your Instagram.

Here’s how to find out who unfollowed our Instagram with or without the app.

1. Knowing Who Unfollow Instagram Without Application

Knowing people to Unfollow our Instagram account, can be done by checking manually.

Here are the steps to check people who unfollow our Instagram account.

  • First visit the Instagram account of the person you suspect
  • Then on the profile, you select “Following
  • Next, type in the name of your Instagram account.
  • If it’s not there, it means that the person doesn’t follow/follow you, it’s likely that you’ve unfollowed your Instagram account.

2. With the Followers For Instagram Application

  • Download and Open the Followers For Instagram application
  • Then login with your Instagram account username and password

  • If you have successfully entered, a Menu will appear showing the Number of Followers and several other charts.
  • To find out Unfollowed People, you select the option “Lost Followers“.

  • Then later will appear anyone who unfollows your Instagram.

Information : To login, enter the username and password in the application above, it is very safe and the account will not be hacked.

Conclusion :

That’s 2 ways to find out who unfollowed us on Instagram. That’s all. How to find out who unfollowed your Instagram account. Hope it is useful.

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