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10 List of Best and Fun Android Offline Games

10 List of Best and Fun Android Offline Games – Boy Blogz

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Video games are one of the games that can satisfy the players and make the players happy. In playing games, there are many platforms that are used when playing, one of which is Android. The reason android is used when playing is very easy to carry everywhere and simple when opening games. Games that can be played on Android vary from online to offline.

But if one day your cellphone doesn’t contain internet data quota and at that moment you want to play a game, but the games on your Android are all online. This will make you unable to play the online game. Thus, try to have offline games that you can play when your quota runs out. You can download offline games when your quota is still available so that when the quota runs out you can still play games.

However, the choice of offline games on the google play store is very large and will make you confused about choosing the offline games that are suitable for you to play when your internet quota runs out. For that, here I will share information about the list of offline games on Android. Well, let’s just discuss, here are the 10 lists of the best and most exciting Android offline games version nakblogz including:

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1. NOVA Legacy

This offline game is an action genre game. In the NOVA Legacy game, players must kill aliens with the weapons they use. This game is set in a starship that will make you as a player feel at home while playing this NOVA Legacy game. The advantage of this game is that it has a small size of 25 Mb, although the size is small when downloading this game, but when opening the game an extract process occurs which will make the game bigger, which is 266 Mb.

The NOVA Legacy game was developed by a well-known game developer, GameLoft. The NOVA Legacy game itself is a relatively new game because it was only released in 2022. You can play this game when your internet quota is dying. You can fight players in multiplayer but have to use the internet, if offline you can only play this game in story or campaign mode. Although only the story mode can be played offline, but in this story mode there are many missions that players must do and will make players feel at home playing this game.

2. SoulCraft – Action RPG

source : Google play

This RPG game is called SoulCraft. In the game SoulCraft the player is required to defeat all enemies who want to kill the characters in the game. There are many and unique characters in this game. Why do I say unique? Because most of the characters in the SoulCraft game are like characters of goodness and angels.

The SoulCraft game itself has so many missions and the obstacles to pass the mission will be more and more challenging. And will make players become more concentrated and focused to fight every enemy that prevents them from playing the next mission. You can download SoulCraft for free on the google play store, and you can play it when your internet quota is up.

3.Snakes & Leaders Kings

Source : Google Play

Do you like snakes and ladders games? If you like snakes and ladders, you can try this one game, Snakes & Leadders Kings. This game is very similar to the snakes and ladders that we often played when we were little. To play this stau game you don’t need to use an internet connection to play but if you want to play multiplayer an internet connection is highly recommended.

In the game you just roll the dice and automatically whatever number of dice we get and the character runs automatically. In this game it is very exciting because there are so many obstacles that will make us go down to a smaller number if the character is on the snake’s head and we will automatically go down to the snake’s tail. To play this game, you can download it directly from the Google Play Store.

4. Guess the Picture

Source : Google Play

This game made by Indonesian children deserves thumbs up. This game called Guess the Picture is very capable of training the brain to think and imagine to guess the picture given. In the Guess the Picture game there are clues that are given so that players can more easily guess the picture. Players are only given five lives and when the player guesses the wrong picture given, the life will automatically decrease.

This game is very fun to play, especially when the level is getting higher, the image given is even more difficult and will make players think hard to guess the image. You can download this game for free on the Google Play Store. And this game is the best alternative for games when your internet data quota runs out.

5. Big Little Farmer Offline Farm

Source : Google Play

As the name implies, Big Little Farmer, this game invites you to garden and raise livestock. In this game, players will be addicted to playing this game because the gardening area is very distinctive and various livestock can be kept, and you can also process orders ordered by people who come to your farm or you can complete orders that you deliver. to the city.

Not only livestock and plants that only exist on your farm but you can also buy various decorations to decorate your farm. How are you ready to become a successful farmer?

6. Cars Racing Free

Source : Google Play

This game invites you to race on the road. In the game you can change your car according to your taste. and in this game there are also day and night which will make car racing more real, and is supported by very smooth graphics that will make the eyes fascinated by playing this Cars Racing Free game.

There are also many missions in this game and will make you more enthusiastic about playing this game because there are also many very beautiful racing locations. To play this grandparent game, you just have to download it for free on the Google Play Store. for more details you can try to play this game on your android.

7. Drag Racing

Source : Google Play

It’s still a game about car racing but this one is different from other games, what makes Drag Racing different is in terms of appearance, that is, it only looks 2D, even though the features of this game are very complete, such as tune settings, namely setting the car’s performance to be faster. , various variants of racing cars, car paint and others.

In this game, you just need to enter the car’s gear or press the car’s gear to be bigger or smaller according to the player. The mission of this game is against the boss in each mission that will make you addicted to playing this one game. To play this game, you can download it for free on the Google Play Store for full details.

8. Chees Free

Source : Google Play

For those of you who are happy and have a hobby of playing chess, you can try this one game, Chees Free. This game that is able to sharpen the brain is very good to play so that the brain can think better. Chees Free itself has two modes, namely Offline and Online. If you play Offline mode you can play with the computer, and if you play online mode you play with random people online.

In offline mode, you can choose the level that suits your abilities. The advantage of playing Chees Free offline is that when you play with your computer you can restore your chess character’s moves. to get this game you can download it on the google play store, and it is very good to play when the internet quota runs out.

9. Real Football

Source : Google Play

Are you a football lover? You can try this one game, Real Football. has very good graphics and other features such as referee audience and characters that look more real. This game is the same as other soccer games. but the difference is only slight that there are many world football clubs that you can play.

From setting up formations and club clothes and others, making this game even more real and very good to play when there is no internet connection. if you want to install it please install it on google play store. And experience playing a world class football club.

10. Sniper Kill : Real Army Sniper

Source : Google Play

FPS genre games, namely shooting remotely, are the best offline game choices. Because Sniper kill has many missions and weapons. In the game you are required to be a sniper to shoot your enemies in war, and your character will be a war soldier who uses sniper weapons to kill his enemies.

The setting of this game is in a war area which will make the game feel more real when played. and for the weapon itself there are many sniper variants that you can use to shoot enemies.

So, that was the best offline android game, the games above you can play without or without an internet connection, so if you don’t have an internet connection or your quota runs out you can play one of the games above. The advice, please download offline games first when your Android has an internet connection so that later when the internet quota runs out you can play offline games.