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World's Funniest Offline Game For Android 2021

The World's Most Exciting Offline Game

The funniest offline game in the world is perfect for you to play while lying at home or just filling in the blanks while at school. Besides being fun, some best offline games 2021 This can also be played without using an internet quota. So you don’t have to worry about running out of internet quota when playing games.

Currently, playing games is in great demand by various groups, both offline games and Android online games. Moreover, games can not only be played on Nintendo or Play Station, but in today’s modern era, games can also be enjoyed on smartphone devices. This time, will summarize some recommendations for fun offline games and some of them are included in the game world’s most popular offline game.

Best Offline Android Game of All Time

1. Minecraft Games

adventure android offline games

Currently, the Minecraft game is one of the most popular and in-demand android games. This is evidenced by the total downloads of the Minecraft game on the play store which has reached 10 million downloads. So that it cannot be denied, the Minecraft game is one of the adventure android offline games best on android. Previously, the Minecraft game could only be played on a PC or laptop. But now, the Minecraft game can be played on smartphone devices with features that are no less cool and exciting than the PC version.

2. Minion Rush Games

best offline games 2020

This game comes with an exciting game and good graphics, so many people are curious to play this game. This is evidenced by the number of downloads that have reached 10 million downloads. In this game you are given a mission to control the minions in order to avoid the villain named Gru. You will not get bored playing this game because it has cute and adorable characters.

3. Game Dream League Soccer

The World's Most Exciting Offline Game

Dream League Soccer game is one of the fun offline games with a football theme which is in great demand because it can be played offline. Unlike the game Pro Evolution Soccer which must be played online. This game also offers good graphics (HD) so that we can play comfortably and not get bored quickly. In this game, you are free to create a soccer team and fill it with world-class players, such as Ronaldo, Messi, or Mbappe.

4. Game Asphalt 8 : Airbone

best car racing game

One of the attractions that make this racing game the best car racing game is that it offers cool graphics. Besides having cool graphics, this game can also be played offline. You will feel the sensation of playing nicely with a wide selection of tracks/maps and a wide selection of cars with the best models. This offline game is very suitable to be played for you lovers of high speed.

5. Grand Theft Auto Game: San Andreas

world's most popular offline game

Before being played on mobile devices, this game was a very popular game on the PS 2 console. GTA games are still classified as a game fun offline games because the missions and challenges are still similar to the GTA games that you often play on PS 2. However, to play this game you have to buy it for Rp. 81,000.

6. Game Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

most popular offline games

The next game that will make you feel more comfortable lying down is the game Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops. How not, this game is carried with an interesting game pattern and coupled with 2D graphics, making the characters in this game even more interesting. In this game, you need to collect some interesting items by defeating existing enemies.

7. Xenowerk Games

Best war offline game

This Xenowerk game also deserves to be classified as the funnest offline game, because this game is presented with 2D graphics that are packaged neatly. In this game also available a variety of interesting characters. In order to get interesting characters, you have to unlock them with coins by completing existing missions. This game is quite light with a download size of 152 MB and has been downloaded 5 million times.

8. Hitman Sniper Game

War offline game

Hitman Sniper game is one of the funniest offline games involving paid agents with various secret missions. War offline game you can play this without using an internet quota, but it still includes a storyline that makes this game even cooler. However, this game is only available in the paid version. You have to spend as much as IDR 5,000 to be able to enjoy the Hitman Sniper game.

9. Brain Out Games

best offline games 2020

Brain Out game to be most popular offline games since its appearance in September 2021. This is proven by the total downloads of the Play Store which has reached 100 million downloads. This game is educational in nature so it can improve your thinking skills, accuracy, reflexes, and creativity. This game contains trapping questions that must be solved in a creative and genius way.

10. Game Worms

world's most popular offline game

During the current pandemic, the Worms game is being hype by being ranked second in the play store with total downloads reaching 100 million times. Even today’s gamers are already busy playing this game. The way to play the Worms game is also quite simple, that is, you have to grow your worms as big as possible. You have to try so that other worms can hit your worm’s body, so that the worm will die and turn into food that is food for your worms.

That’s it List of the Most Exciting Offline Games in the World which you must try during a pandemic like now. Moreover, you can play the game without having to be connected to the internet. Therefore, for you gamers, you must collect some of the offline games mentioned above so that you can play them offline wherever and whenever.