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What is the Liturgical Calendar? Here's the explanation

What is the Liturgical Calendar

The Liturgical calendar information that we convey in the article below is information that we took from a site that discusses the liturgical calendar Hope it is useful.

What is the Liturgical Calendar? – Maybe many of the Catholics who still do not know or understand what the Liturgical Calendar is. Some of you also sometimes do not understand what to do on major holidays or anniversaries listed in the Liturgical Calendar.

In this article, we will provide information about important days on the Liturgical Calendar used by the Catholic Church. The following is the liturgical calendar and celebration of Catholic holidays for 2021.

Important Days of the 2021 Liturgical Calendar Complete

The following are important days of the liturgical calendar which we have summarized in full.

  • January 1, 2021: Solemnity of Mary Mother of God
  • January 3, 2021: Feast of the Appearance of God
  • February 17, 2021: Ash Wednesday
  • February 21, 2021: 1st Sunday of Lent
  • March 19, 2021: Feast of Saint Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • March 25, 2021: Feast of the Annunciation
  • March 28, 2021: Palm Sunday
  • April 1, 2021: Maundy Thursday
  • April 2, 2021: Good Friday
  • April 3, 2021: Holy Saturday, Easter Eve
  • April 4, 2021: Easter Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord
  • May 13, 2021: Feast of the Ascension of the Lord
  • May 23, 2021: Feast of Pentecost
  • May 30, 2021: Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
  • June 6, 2021: Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ
  • June 11, 2021: Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • 24 June 2021: Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
  • June 29, 2021: Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles
  • August 15, 2021: Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • November 1, 2021: All Saints’ Day
  • November 2, 2021: Memorial of the Spirit of All Believers
  • November 21, 2021: Solemnity of Christ the King of Hosts
  • 28 November 2021: 1st Sunday of Advent
  • December 8, 2021: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • December 25, 2021: Christmas Day

In addition to the days listed in the liturgical calendar, the Catholic Church also has a number of days that are used to contemplate the mystery of Christ the Redeemer. Outside of that time, Catholics also celebrate figures from certain events with the Virgin Mary (sister) and her Church.

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, the Church Fathers, Prime Ministers, and Popes have designated certain days that are expected to be used as moments of remembrance. To commemorate important events so that Catholics around the world can remember. These events are taken from events recorded in the Bible, the Apostles, the saints, and the Virgin Mary.

What are the Obligations of Catholics?

As followers of the Catholic religion, they are obliged to follow and attend Hari Raya, the Important Day of Remembrance that has been prepared by the Church Fathers. These days were made by the founders and predecessors who have been recorded in church history books to be remembered and carried by the next generation until the end of time.

The preparation is the same as going to the celebration of the Eucharist on Sunday, and is best accompanied by fasting, devotion, and a litany of prayers through the Saints commemorated on that day.

Especially for those who take their name as their baptismal name, the name of the protector of the faith, who through intercession, they ask God’s support for the prayers of Catholics. It is also possible to include the memorial of the Saints in the prayer and ward prayer schedule.

In this way, it is hoped that all Catholics can get to know and deepen their Christian faith as has been exemplified by the Saints, poets, and the founders of the Church.

Thus the article about “what is the liturgical calendar?” I hope it can provide information for those of you who are currently looking for big days based on the Liturgical Calendar.

If you need more complete information about the liturgical calendar you can visit the site Thank you

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