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Various Online Marketing Strategies That Make Products Sell Well

Kinds of Online Marketing Strategies

From the survey results of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) for the period 2021 – the second quarter of 2021, internet users in Indonesia reached 196.7 million people. And this number increased by 8.9% compared to the period in 2021.

Seeing the large number of internet users in Indonesia, product owners can also think about marketing their products online. Therefore, an appropriate online marketing strategy is needed so that the product can be recognized and accepted by netizens.

Internet use is divided into several types of use. Some internet users use social media, websites or applications on smartphones, such as e-commerce applications. Online marketing strategies can be focused on one use of the internet, for example only focusing on social media or on all channels on the internet.

Kinds of Online Marketing Strategies

Before you know what the various online marketing strategies are, you should first understand the meaning of online marketing strategies. Simply put, an online marketing strategy is a product or service marketing strategy that utilizes social media and the internet. Well, the various online marketing strategies are:

1. Social Media

With more than 196 million internet users, 160 million of whom are active social media users according to a report from Hootsuit in 2021. The advantage of marketing products on social media is the interaction between sellers and buyers. If the seller can take advantage of this interaction properly, it will build loyalty from the buyer.

Social Media like Instagram and Facebook are mostly used for online marketing and other creative businesses. Various things can be marketed through Instagram and Facebook, from goods, food to services. Even to make personal branding, the most effective is also using social media.

To be able to increase sales through social media, the first thing to do is increase sales followers social media from other social media accounts. Because if a social media account follows an online marketer’s social media account, all of his posts will appear on the website feed followers.

Some ways to increase followers:

Online Marketing Strategy Through Social Media

  • Make Regular Social Media Posts

Creating attractive and regular graphic posts is a major way to increase your follower count organically. Posts must be made in an attractive way, for example a good photo, a unique design, funny writing. If the post goes viral, the number of followers will automatically increase drastically.

  • Giving HRight ashtag

Unlike the Google search engine, social media uses hashtags for searches. So it must be ensured that each post is inserted the appropriate hashtag. The best hashtags are those that match the theme of the post and still don’t have too many users.

Interacting on social media, you must always know what is trending. Trends can come from anywhere, such as from news, user posts, viral videos or photos and so on. As an interaction with followers, you should know what is trending at that time.

  • give Giveaway

    or Create Promo

One of the things that attracts people to follow a certain account is a gift or giveaway. Usually prizes are given with certain conditions, for example following an account, mention account or view the post video to the end.

Make promotions at certain times, for example when harbolnas (National Online Shopping Day) or major holidays such as Eid, Christmas and New Year. Promotions can be in the form of discounts, free shipping or those that are starting to trend at this time, by giving cashback.

Utilizing advertising on social media is very effective in increasing sales. Provided, can manage ads well. Because setting up ads on social media is quite complicated. For those who are not used to it, eventually advertising becomes ineffective and only costs money.

2. Marketplace

Another place to sell products is through a marketplace, such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Gojek or Grab. To sell through the marketplace, it can be combined with social media. On social media, you can include store links in the marketplace.

In order for sales on the marketplace to be effective, several things must be done:

Online Marketing Strategy Through Marketplace

Must always be updated about the availability of goods. Because canceling orders will make the store’s reputation decline. Though to be expected, the store’s reputation rose.

Response time is how long it takes the store to answer questions from potential buyers sent through the marketplace application. The longer the response time, the lower the trust of potential buyers.

Neat packaging and good quality goods will make buyers give good reviews. If the product sent is damaged or the packaging is careless, the buyer can give a 1-star review, which means the product is very unsatisfactory. In the end, the reputation of the shop was also affected.

Marketplace also provides paid advertising. We recommend that for new stores, take advantage of paid advertising services in the marketplace until the product or store has a reputation. If the reputation is high, the product will always appear on the top marketplace search page.

In any marketplace, reputation greatly affects the search algorithm. So what product owners have to do is try to improve the reputation of the store or its products.

3. Website

The function of the website on the product is not only for sales, but also for branding product name. If the product brand is well known and trusted by the public, any product issued by the brand can be easily accepted by the public.

In order for the website to be effective, several things can be done:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizer)

For the introduction of new products or new brands that are not at all known, you can use a search engine, such as Google. With certain keywords that have a relationship with the product being promoted. For that we need search word optimization or better known as Search Engine Optimizer (SEO).

Websites can advertise on search engines or other websites that already have a lot of visitors. In search engines such as Google, providing paid advertising in the search results. At the top or bottom of the search results on the front page, search results usually appear which are advertisements.

Many websites that have large visitors also provide paid advertising services. Ads can be in the form of a banner, short text or a product review.

To be sure, advertising anywhere is only effective if it can arrange ads according to the target market and attractive.

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