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Various Defense Buildings in Clash Of Clans

Various kinds of defense buildings (defense) in the game Clash of Clans, ranging from defense buildings for ground troops, air troops, to ground and air troops

COC Pertahanan Defense Buildings

There are a number of defense and attack strategies in the Clash of Clans (COC) game. Maybe for those of you who are used to playing it will really understand the pattern of the game in this one game.

The implementation of the above strategy is strongly influenced by the features available in the game, especially the buildings for defense. The COC game itself has many tools or defense buildings that players can use.
As gamers, of course you have to understand all the features in order to be able to carry out game missions to the maximum. Here are the various defense buildings in the COC game that you must know.

Defense Buildings For Ground Troops

  • Canon : Weapon cannons that are useful for inhibiting attacks by destroying enemies that are approaching the territory.
  • Mortar : Long-range explosive building capable of destroying 1 to 5 enemies by dealing high damage.
  • Walls : A building that can hinder the movement of enemy ground troops. The higher the level of your wall, the harder it will be to destroy.

Defense Building For Air Force

  • Air Defense : Tool village safety guards as well as being a team attack to knock out enemies that threaten in the air.
  • Water Sweeper : Although it cannot destroy enemy targets, this tool is used to encourage enemy movements so that they are easily reached by the defense base and then destroyed.

Defense Buildings For Ground and Air Forces

  • Archer Tower : Feature support to attack from a high area. Through this place, attacks can be carried out both for air and ground targets.
  • Wizard Tower : Same as attack from a height, but the range of attack is not further than the archer tower. However, the tempo of the attack through the fireballs is faster to destroy the target.
  • Hidden Tesla : A building that looks like an electric tower that functions to launch an attack if an enemy approaches it. This machine is difficult for enemies to track, as it is only visible if they are in the vicinity.
  • X-Bow : A battle building in COC capable of immobilizing enemies quickly through continuous crossbow attacks. To be able to operate, this building requires exilir.
  • Inferno Tower : Enemy attack building to launch annihilation of up to 5 targets at once. The longer the tempo of the attack, the power of the machine to damage the enemy will be more powerful.
  • Bomb Tower : Assault melee that is done to damage the enemy’s attack. If threatened with destruction, this building will blow itself up to kill enemies around it.
  • Eagle Artillery : A building of mass destruction that will destroy the enemy when it has taken out a lot of troops. The range of this machine is very wide with no less devastating damage results.
  • Scattershot : Weapons in the form of combat catapults as annihilation of enemy lines and can damage various types of attacks. This machine can work quickly to respond to ground and air hazards.

Trap Defense Building

  • Bomb : Bomb to detonate the enemy in the area that has been the target.
  • Spring Trap : Trap to throw enemies as they pass and stomp on them. The resulting throw is quite far from the enemy’s main position.
  • Air Bomb : Aerial bomb that serves to blow up enemies who attack through the air. This bomb requires the help of a balloon in order to float close to a threatening target.
  • Giant Bomb : Almost the same as a regular bomb. It’s just that the resulting explosion will be more powerful to injure the enemy in a short and extensive time.
  • Seeking Air Mine : Air bomb attack to immobilize 1 enemy member who threatens by air. This air bomb is very effective for destroying baby dragons or electro dragons.
  • Skeleton Trap : A chest that stores a relatively large number of skeletons. This chest can provide attacks against enemies that are quite deadly.
  • Tornado Trap : This trap can hold all troops in the area, so it will slow down the enemy troops.
Thus the defense building (defense) in the COC game that you can understand its function and how it works. Keep in mind, you can’t get all of these features directly. The availability of each feature can be obtained at a certain TH level. The higher your level, the more complete the above features can be obtained.

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