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Tricks to not stun after falling from a height in Apex Legends

Tricks to not stun after falling from a height in Apex Legends

Although in Apex Legends there is no falling damage at all. It’s not that falling from a height in Apex Legends doesn’t have a risk that must be accepted. At a certain distance when you fall, it will have a small impact, namely you will be stunned for a few seconds when you hit the ground. This causes your character to pause and reset your momentum.

Although sometimes it looks trivial, the stun can make your character an easy target to attack. Even though the stun is only for a moment, it can have a very dangerous effect when you survive. Especially when your character is stun in the middle of war.

If you’ve ever observed a pro player game like Shroud, movement can play an almost equal role in the accuracy of your weapon’s aim. To maximize movement in Apex Legends, you are required to be able to maintain or even increase the momentum of your character’s movement.

To avoid losing momentum the moment you hit the ground, you should time your melee attack just before impact. Instead of stopping, your character will not stun and can move freely when it hits the ground without any pause at all.

Even though later your character will still be stuck in the melee attack animation for a while, but if you use this trick then you don’t need to wait because of the slow effect of falling caused when you fall from a height, and you have the opportunity to face the enemy in front of you.

Keep in mind, this trick is very suitable to use when falling straight, but if you land on a slope with forward momentum, you can also immediately slide using the slide by crouching briefly after you hit the ground.

So that’s it how to avoid stun when you fall from a height in Apex Legends, so you can have many chances to win without fear of being shot by the enemy’s bullets.

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