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The secret to download IGTV Instagram videos in HD quality

In order to fulfill the desire of Instagram users to upload long videos without time restrictions, Instagram developed the IGTV feature. From there, users can freely create and post lengthy content on Instagram.

However, for IGTV users, they often complain that they can’t download IGTV videos to their devices, they can only save them on Instagram. Are you an Instagram user with a similar problem?

If you are also experiencing the same problem then follow this article as we will definitely help you to solve this problem. This article will present the secret to download IGTV videos to your device in excellent quality.

How to download IGTV videos to device?

Currently on the market, there are many services, applications or websites that can help Instagram users download IGTV videos to mobile devices. However, not all methods are effective, easy to use and limit errors.

We tested different methods and found great service. It’s SnapInsta- our favorite IGTV downloader.

Same as SnapSave.App, download the best quality Facebook videos (up to 4K). Here is a detailed method to use SnapInsta.App to download IGTV:

  • First, you have to go to Instagram and go to the page of the user you follow that uses the IGTV feature.
  • Next, click on the IGTV icon located next to Reels and select the video you want to download.
    select videos on instagram

  • Then, find and click the “…” icon in the corner of the screen for the video you want to download.
    click icon to download

  • Select copy link to get the URL of that video.
    select copy link

  • Open your device browser and visit the website SnapInsta.
  • Select the IGTV video download mode and paste the video link into the “Paste Instagram URL” field and press download.
    paste instagram url and download

  • Wait a few seconds for the video to appear then press “Download Video” until it’s finished.
    Finally just download the video

Once the video is downloaded, you will find it in your device library. So you can completely reuse that video for different purposes or review videos offline without having to open Instagram to search.

SnapInsta Insights

SnapInsta.App is a very useful online Instagram video downloader application. With its attractive interface and simple operation, it is considered the best Instagram video download service today.

In addition to downloading Instagram IGTV, SnapInsta also has other features that help you download both photos and other types of videos on Instagram such as video feeds, stories, Reel,… Therefore, you don’t need to use too many good services. website to support loading all content on Instagram.

In particular, this Instagram downloader also allows you to check the quality, ensuring maximum photo and video quality, without blur, out of focus, or timid sound. Therefore, using this service is very safe and secure.

1. Access the SnapInsta website

You can easily access SnapInsta in any browser, on any device. If you’re using an iPhone, open Safari, if you’re using Android, open Google Chrome. If you are using a computer or laptop, go to Google or CocCoc or any other browser you use. Then you can search and access SnapInsta easily and quickly.

With SnapInsta you don’t need to register an account or pay any fees during the download process. So you don’t have to worry about losing information at all or being distracted and expensive to use. Therefore, you can download everything you want without limits. That’s very interesting.

2. Download SnapInsta APK

Sometimes you may find it inconvenient to keep visiting the SnapInsta website. We will introduce you to the APK version of SnapInsta to download to your device for convenient use.

How to download SnapInsta APK

  • You can easily download SnapInsta APK to your device while accessing SnapInsta website on your mobile with your device browser.
  • You will then be prompted to download SnapInsta to your device. You just need to select “Install” to download the device to your device.
    snapinsta app view

The special feature of this app is that you don’t need to register an account at all. Apart from that, the interface of the app is really similar to the interface of the website, so you can manipulate it easily.


The secret of downloading IGTV videos has been revealed in great detail in the article. Follow the steps mentioned above, you will definitely get the results you want. SnapInsta is the best IGTV downloader that we recommend for you, but if you know which one is better, let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

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