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The 3 Best Online Flight Ticket Applications for Homecoming (Android & iOS)

Homecoming is an activity that is usually done by you if you are far outside the city and even abroad. Maybe because you are working or have moved house because you have a new family or maybe you are studying in a far away place.

The 3 Best Online Flight Ticket Applications for Homecoming (Android & iOS)

For those who are abroad or outside the island, they will usually go home by plane. Apart from being faster, it is also more convenient and more efficient. Before you get on a plane, of course, you have to book a plane ticket in advance so it’s not complicated. Buying airline tickets is now easier because of the online system.

Therefore, Babang will recommend the best online flight ticket buying application for Android and iOS smartphone users.

Here are some of the applications

1. – Hotel & Flight

The first application is, with this application you can buy airline tickets easily, besides that you can order hotels, event tickets, concert tickets and train tickets.
The Advantages of the Application

  • Honest prices with no hidden fees.
  • E-tickets & E-Vouchers are processed quickly.
  • There is an installment program
  • Fast & secure payment
  • TIX Point Reward
  • Smart Refund in case of booking cancellation

Customer Care

Mobile Number : 0804 1500 878

Email :

2. Traveloka


Traveloka is the best application for booking flight tickets, booking hotels, train tickets, tour packages, cinema tickets, culinary packages and even spa packages.

This application has been used by more than 1 million users.

Traveloka Advantages

  • Travel and Lifestyle in one platform.
  • Holiday and weekend inspiration.
  • Initial price = final price.
  • Special app features (Passenger Quick Pick, Paylater and other features).
  • No need to print E-tickets and vouchers.
  • Cheap flights abroad.
  • Cheap hotels and complete airlines.

Customer Service

Call Center : 0804-1500-308

Email :

3. Pegipegi


Pegipegi is a medium that provides online reservation services for booking airline tickets, hotels and train tickets. Enjoy an easy ordering process with various attractive promos and a choice of payment methods ranging from bank transfers, credit cards to 0% installments.

Advantages of Pegipegi Airline Tickets

  • Easy ordering process without the need to print an e-ticket
  • Serving domestic & international routes
  • Get the best prices & promo plane tickets every day.
  • Official collaboration with: Citilink, Lion Air, Garuda Indonesia, AirAsia, Sriwijaya Air, Batik Air, Wings Air, NAM & Scoot.

24/7 Pegipegi Customer Service

Call Center : 0804 1400 777

So those are the 3 best online flight ticket buying applications for going home, the cheapest, safest and easiest on Android and iOS smartphones. Hopefully it can be your reference when you want to buy plane tickets online.

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