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Review of Mulan (Hidden Masters) Seven Knights Kakao KR

Awaken Mulan (Hidden Masters)

In this post, the author will discuss the Hero Hidden Master Seven Knights Kakao KR, namely Mulan. This hero is a hero Offensive (Attacker) so the moment power ups this hero needs fire element (fire). For a skill review, and passive, please see below

Before Awaken

Mulan Star 4

5 Star Mulan
6 Star Mulan

After Awaken

  1. Skill 1: Deals 100% Physical attack to 3 enemies with the highest ATK twice. Penetrate & Add skills cooldown enemy for 20 seconds.
    Skill 1
  2. Skill 2: Deals 150% Physical Attack damage to 4 enemies with the highest ATK twice. Can be critical and reduce enemy buffs for 2 turns.
    Skill 2
  3. Awaken Skill: Target all enemies with 110% Physical attack 3 times. Penetrates and restores its HP by 30% of the damage dealt.
Awaken Skill

Passive Skill

  1. Has 7 Void Shields & Camouflage Effect (Camouflage effect) for 5 turns.
  2. Damage received is only 25% of the maximum HP
  3. Survive with 1 HP when attacked with more than his remaining HP (only once).

Lv Increase. 46 : Giving 150% > 160% Physical attacks.

Lv Increase. 50 : If there are 3 heroes or more heroes offensive in the team, Immune from Mark Effect for 3 turns.

Dedicated Items

  1. Reduces skill cooldown by 10%
  2. Increases Critical Damage by 30%
  3. *awkskill* Reduces enemy buff duration by 4 turns.

So that’s the details of the skill review that the author can give, do you think this hero is good or not? Is it appropriate for PVP or PVE? what is the reason, please write in the comments

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