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Myth Awaken May Seven Knights Cocoa

Seven Knights Kakao re-released the hero Myth Awaken May after Myth Awaken Hellenia.

Myth Awaken May Seven Knights Cocoa

There has been a video of the Myth Awakening May skill of his girlfriend Joker on Youtube and the Seven Knights Kakao Groups on Facebook.

Babang himself predicts that Myth Awaken May will be used as a PVE hero. Because in the past, May’s hero was rarely used because it hasn’t awakened and it looks less popular.

Myth Awaken May Seven Knights Cocoa

What are the skills like? Here is May’s Myth Awaken Skill

Myth Awaken May

Passive :

Increase allies lethal damage by 70%
Grants allies with 3 turn life control effects.
Apps [Position Adaptation: JOKER♥] effect to herself
Apply 2 Void Shield
Every 2nd attack received, grants herself with 2 Void Shield.

Skill 1:

Deals 80% Physical Attack to 3 enemies, 4 times.
Apply critical
ignore defense
applies 2 turn stun debuff to all enemies

skills 2:

Deals 110% Physical attack to 4 enemies, 2 times.
deals 40% more damage depending on target’s Max HP.
Apply Penetrates

[Lv46 enhancement] : 110% > 130% Physical attack

Awakened Skills:

Deals 130 Physical attack to all enemies, 2 times.
Deals 70% more damage if there are less enemies
Reduce targets buffs duration by 4 turns.

[Lv50 Enchancement] :: shuffles enemy formation

Awaken 3rd Opt:

*Passive* Grants Immune to 5-target attacks to all allies for 3 turns

Myth Enchance (MAXED)
+300 ATK
Increase Crit chance by 20%

[Special Basic Attack]
Deals 200% Physical attack
Reduces targets buff duration by 3 turn
Applies 3 turn stun debuff to target

Position Adaptation: JOKER♥ effect
Whichever position May is in, increase allies Special Basic Attack chance by 30%
When May is in the Frontline, reduce allies Magical Damage Received by 60%
When May is in the Backline, reduce allies Physical Damage Received by 60%

The final word
So do you think Myth Awaken May is worth it or not if it is used for PVE? Write in the comments

What build items are suitable for Myth Awaken May??

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