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Marvel Future Fight Netmarble Game Review

Marvel Future Fight is an RPG game made by Netmarble in collaboration with Marvel.

Marvel Future Fight Netmarble Game Review

If you are a fan of super heroes from Marvel, you must play this game. Because in the game there are lots of super heroes, maybe one of them is your favorite, such as Captain America, Iron Man, Deadpool, Captain Marvel and other super heroes.

Marvel Future Fight Netmarble Game Review

In this article, Babang wants to review the Marvel Future Fight game, starting from the features in the game, to the advantages and disadvantages of this game, if you are curious, here’s the review.

  • Game Name : Marvel Future Fight
  • Developer : Netmarble
  • APK+Data Size : 2.5GB
  • Game Category : RPG
  • Compatible OS: Android and iOS
  • Download : [Marvel Future Fight di Playstore] [Marvel Future Fight di App Store]
  • Minimum HP specifications: RAM 2GB or more, Storage Space 3GB or more
  • Rating: 4.6 stars with more than 2.5 million reviews
  • Game rating : 12+
  • Downloads: already downloaded more than 50 million

Game Features
1. Story Mission

In Story Missions, you will complete missions according to a unique story, after completing each chapter you will get rewards such as biometrics, norn stone, gold, uru and others. Currently, the Story Mission has 13 chapters.

2. Daily Mission

Daily Missions are daily missions that you can only do for free twice a day, if you want to play the Daily Mission more than twice, you have to refill the entery using crystals. You can also choose the prize you want to get, you can choose the gift of norn stone, iso-8, gold, or you can choose gold and exp, or you can choose the m’kraan crystal shard gift to upgrade the mastery hero X-gene.

3. Heroic Quest

Heroic Quest contains hero quests according to the hero you choose, for example the mission of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and other heroes. Every time you complete this quest, you will get a reward according to the quest you have completed.

4. Epic Quest

In this Epic Quest you will get special heroes such as Mr Fantastic, Deadpool, Wolverine, and Doctor Strange. You must complete all the missions in Epic Quest if you want to get a special hero with a maximum level. You can also upgrade the Bonus to get a special Hero at a cost of 6,600 crystals.

5. Special Missions

In the Special Mission you can get Biometrics according to the enemy you are fighting. Every day you can only enter Special Mission as many as 20 entries, you can also choose a Quest Pack to get additional rewards when completing missions, and use a Hidden Root Card to get additional rewards.

6. Dimension Rift

Dimension Rift is a place to find comics card material, dimension debris and biometrics according to the hero you are fighting. Every time you complete a Dimension Rift to 100% you will get a reward of 300,000 gold, 200 dimension debris and 200 energy. A day you can only open one dimension rift or can follow the dimension rift opened by your friends.

7. Legendary Battle

Legendary Battle you will fight villains according to the story you choose, for example the story of Captain Marvel, Thor Ragnarok, AntMan and The Wasp, and The Avenger Inifinty War. You will get rewards according to the missions you complete. Every day you can only enter five times, if you want a bigger reward you have to upgrade from Normal to Extrame by using Crystal.

8. Villain Siege

In Villain Siege you will face criminals or Villains. Villain Siege consists of three missions namely Easy, Normal, and Hard. You will get additional rewards if you complete this mission using the recommended heroes. You will also get a Chaos Token prize which you can exchange for biometrics, norn stones, and other prizes in the token shop.

9. World Boss

World Boss is a group of bosses, here you will fight Thanos and his men, or you can fight Quick Silver, Cable, Scarlet Witch, and Apocalypse. Every time you finish fighting the boss, you will get prizes such as black anti-matter, norns stone of chaos, titan record, cosmic cube fragment, dimension dust, titan component pack, biometric boss and other prizes.

10. Alliance Raid

Alliance Raid is a mission where you have to fight monsters together with your alliance friends (allies). This mission only exists if you join the Alliance and this mission can only be unlocked by the Alliance leader

11. Shadowland

Shadowland is where you will fight heroes or villains and get prizes according to the level of the shadowland tower level. You can get many prizes such as Gold, Biometric selector, Norn Stone and others.

12. Battle Timeline

Timeline Battle is where you can PVP with other players. Every time you complete PVP you will get Honor Tokens which you can exchange at the Token Shop. In addition, you will also get additional prizes if you have done a certain amount of PVP, the prizes include Gold, and other materials.

13. Alliance Battle

In Alliance Battle you will fight monsters and will get rewards if you have reached a certain point. To enter the Alliance Battle you must meet the conditions listed, for example a Blast type Hero, then other than that type of hero that day you cannot enter the Alliance Battle. Alliance Battle prizes are also decent, for Normal the prizes include gold, Norn Stone, biometrics, gold, Iso-8 upgrade materials, clear tickets. For the Extreme (ABX) the prizes are gold, 6-star ISO-8, upgrade materials and others.

14. Alliance Tournament

Alliance Tournament is a place where Top Alliances around the world fight, you can see which Alliances are participating in this tournament.

15. Alliance Conquest

Alliance Conquest or commonly known as AC, here your Alliance will fight against other Alliances for territory, each region has a different star. The alliance with the most stars will be the winner.

16. BattleWorld

Battleworld is the same as PVP, you will fight other players but there are requirements that you must meet to enter Battleworld. Babang also doesn’t know when Battleworld will appear, but the prizes from Battleworld are quite tempting if you become a battleworld top player.

17. Co-op Play

Co-op play is that you have to fight a hero or villain with other players, later you will get points according to the amount of damage you give, the first place winner will get 35% points, the second winner is 25%, the last winner is 20%, if the points are already reach 100% you will get a reward according to your VIP level.

18. World Boss Invasion

World Boss Invasion is where you will face the boss along with two other players. The entry fee is 10 energy, later you will get Chests randomly starting from normal, advance, rare, heroic and legendary (maybe there is a mythic cest but Babang has never got it), the contents have depending on the level of the item, Babang has gotten 250 biometrics in Legendary Chests.

19. Giant Boss Raid

Giant Boss Raid is where you will fight a big boss named Master Mold. You will fight with two other players. The hero that is often used in Giant Boss Raid is Cable because it has considerable damage. It is also recommended before playing Giant Boss Raid to upgrade to VIP 3 because it is very difficult if there is no HP regen, if VIP 3 there is a 15% HP regeneration feature for Hero Tag.

20. Trophy

Trophy is a set of missions that you can do to get certain rewards, such as energy, crystals and other materials.

21. SHIELD Lab

SHIELD Lab is useful as a producer of Anti Matter that can be used to make Items, and Biometrics in Processor Items, items that can be made depending on the level. Here you can also buy items in the item shop and many other features.

22. Alliance

Alliance is a group of players into one squad. In the Alliance you can request biometrics, send gold donations, biometrics, alliance mamento, norn ston, BAM, norn stone of chaos and other items. Later you will get an alliance token that you can use at the Alliance Store.

23. Card

Cards are items that can increase your hero’s stats. You can get Comic Cards in Dimension Rift and then upgrade them to 6 stars to get the best stats.

24. Inventory

Inventory is the place where you store all your biometrics, custom gear, exp cards and other items. You can increase your inventory capacity using crystals if your inventory is full. Or you can sell items that you don’t think are needed.

25. Store

The store is where you buy items, costumes, energy, crystals and other packages. Usually when it’s an event, the Store will give a big discount, so don’t miss it!

26. Hero Ranking

In the Hero Ranking menu you can find out which heroes are popular and suitable for use, for example the popular heroes in World Boss, there will be a percentage of which heroes are the most popular.

After knowing the features of the Marvel Future Fight game, then Babang will review the advantages and disadvantages of the Marvel Future Fight game


  • Nice Graphics
  • Perfect for RPG game fans and Marvel superhero fans
  • User Interface is easy to understand, already uses Indonesian
  • Always update events
  • Check-in Rewards

Deficiency :

  • Pay To Win, but natural for a game as good as this, because where does the income come from if not from purchasing items, if you feel the sultan this game is worth a try
  • For low-spec HP this game is not recommended, even though there are low graphics options but it is very unsightly
  • Energy is limited, you can only draw free energy once a day after that you have to use crystals to buy it, buy it with friend tokens, and alliance tokens, complete daily missions and daily trivia.
  • Crystals are hard to get, because to get crystals you have to level up heroes to level 50, 60, complete daily missions (25 crystals per day), complete missions to full circle (30 crystals) and will reset once a week. Inevitably you have to buy crystals if you need a lot of crystals or collect them for a long time.
  • Some heroes can only be purchased with crystals or by purchasing a premium hero pack

September 2021 Update

  1. Dimension Rift, Special Mission, Viallin Siege modes were removed in the latest update and replaced with Dimension Mission.
    Dimension Mission mff
  2. There is a Danger Room mode, which is defeating the boss with friends against other players, who can beat him the fastest, the player wins. This is where teamwork is needed.
    Danger room mff

The final word

So that’s it full review of the game Marvel Future Fight according to Babang’s version, every game has advantages and disadvantages, but what you need to know is playing games only for entertainment, if you have money please Top Up, but if you don’t have money don’t force or steal parents’ money. Be a smart gamer, greetings gamers!

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