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List of Quota-Saving Online TV Applications

Quota-saving Online TV Application

Quota-saving online TV application for android has been widely spread in the internet world. But did you know that there are actually some cheap cellphones produced from China that have the feature of watching television without an internet network.

Unlike the smartphones currently available, the smartphones in circulation do not have offline television features, so you have to use online tv app to watch television or through the sites of live streaming service providers.

As we know, watching a broadcast that is live, such as television, will definitely require an anti-load network and an adequate internet quota package. But take it easy, this time Just will recommend some Quota-Saving Online TV Applications

List of Best Android Online TV Apps

1. Online TV App – IPTV TV Live World

offline tv app without tv tuner and internet

The first quota-saving online TV application is the IPTV – Live World TV. You can download this application on the playstore and the PC version is not currently available. Aquota-saving free TV application it is only 4.2 MB in size and the available broadcasts range from national broadcasts such as RCTI, SCTV, Trans 7, etc. to international broadcasts such as K Drama, BEIN SPORT, HBO, etc.

This application has been downloaded more than 5 thousand downloads of various positive reviews from its users. You can watch TV with all world and premium TV broadcasts for free. The user interface of this application is very simple and easy to use.

2. Online TV App – Video

latest online tv app

The Vidio app is one of the best video, TV, and live streaming apps on smartphones. You can watch various favorite TV broadcasts, various web series video content, and live streaming of football on your gadget.

What video categories are available in the Vidio app? In general, the online TV application consists of several categories of exclusive videos, such as footage from television shows, movie trailers, TV series, technology, health, kids, education, and so on.

Why is the Vidio app one of the best TV watching and live streaming apps? Video is the best online TV application because there are many advantages if you use this application. The advantages of the application, namely:

  • There are various live football shows and television broadcasts, both local and outside Indonesia.
  • The image quality of the Vidio application is very good and the quality can be adjusted.
  • There is a Video on Demand (VOD) feature.
  • Can record various videos in the Vidio application.
  • The Vidio application is the best live football watching application that continues to make updates and upgrades to improve the quality of the show.

The Vidio application has now been downloaded 10 million times on the Playstore with various ratings and positive reviews from users. You can also subscribe to the Vidio premiere package to access various shows that you don’t get on the free version.

3. Online TV App – IPTV

free tv app without quota

Quota-saving online TV application next is the IPTV application made by Alexander Sofronov. To watch television using this application, you do not need to register with the condition that you must have a URL or M3U file in order to get television broadcasts.

But no need to worry, for those of you who are confused about how to get TV broadcasts on this online IPTV application, please see the tutorial below.

  • First download and install the IPTV application available on the Google Playstore.
  • Open the IPTV application then click “EDIT”.
  • Next click “+Add to playlist” and click select File.
  • You will be directed to your storage directory then look for the IPTV M3U file with the .m3u extension. If you don’t have it, please download it from the following link (download the .m3u iptv file).
  • Click/select the m3u file and television broadcasts will appear on your smartphone screen.

The television broadcasts that appear match the IPTV m3u file that you downloaded. This application is quite good because of its light size and there are no annoying ads when you watch TV. So far, the IPTV application has been downloaded 10 million times by users on the Playstore.

4. Online TV App – Free Indonesian TV 2021

best android online tv app

The fourth online TV application recommendation is Free Indonesian TV 2021. This application provides various national TV broadcasts without worrying about your internet quota swelling. The live chat feature is one of the advantages of this application made by Pleredone Studio.

The drawback of this online TV application is that it often appears annoying pop-up ads. With only 6.7 MB, you can already enjoy national TV broadcasts with HD quality.

Free tv application without quota, Athe best android online tv app, Aoffline tv app without tv tuner and internet.

5. Online TV App – Mivo TV

free tv watching app

For those of you who like watching TV applications with a variety of interesting features, then you must try the Mivo TV application. Mivo TV provides 50 television broadcasts from various countries.

Apart from having a live chat feature with other users, the Mivo TV application also broadcasts television broadcasts in HD quality. But for those of you who want to watch television by saving internet quota, you can adjust the picture quality through the picture setting feature.

Those are some lists of online TV applications that save quota versions just Some of the television viewing applications above you can use while lying down during the pandemic. If you have other quota-saving online TV recommendations, please write them in the comments column.

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