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How to use the features in the Kinemaster Pro App

How to use the features in the kinemaster app
Kinemaster is a kind of app mobile which aims to help Android users in processing or editing a video. Number of users smartphone In today’s global era, everyone prefers practical things, including processing videos. How to use the features in the kinemaster app itself is quite simple and easy to understand.
Using the Kinemaster application makes it easy for users to be able to create their own video creations like what they expect. Plus the complete features in it make this application very easy to run for everyone. However, before that we must understand first, how to use the features in the Kinemaster application.
Kinemaster Application Features Make it Easy for Users
The first time you create a new project, Kinemaster makes it easy for users to select files. Feature media this one can input photo and video files for further entry in the editing process. In fact, all media files will be immediately separated based on the name and the folder itself in addition to the three folders, namely: Background, Favorite and also
Cloud Storage.
How to use the features in the kinemaster app in features media
itself is very easy, in a way we just choose which files to edit into a whole video later. In addition we can open several images or videos to be combined into one. So that it is easy for us to find which files to edit without having to have trouble finding one by one in one folder.
Complete Features of the Kine Master Application Ease the Work
Go to features layers, we are presented with several complete but different options that aim to help the needs of the user during the process editing videos. How to use the features in the kinemaster app on this layer one of them is media, can overwrite the previously selected file with a new image or video. It starts by selecting the file and placing it in the right position.
In addition we can make effect that has been provided, here we can choose which effects are suitable to support the video being edited. The trick is to only choose one effect from the whole, then it will automatically be directly applied to the video that is displayed in the Kinemaster program.
Then there is a choice overlays which provides a variety of interesting stickers. We can use it by being able to select more than one sticker and place it on the video. This aims to make the videos that we have made more interesting with the presence of several stickers attached to our video project.
Kine Master App Features Make Videos More Attractive
Interestingly, the videos that we make will be fully supported with some of the features found in Kinemaster. Other options available text or writing and choice kinemaster fonts quite a lot for taste can be adjusted to the tastes of each editor. It’s easy, just type in the text and it will automatically appear on the video. We can change the size of the text that has been made previously with the options available in the program.
Lastly, in this Layer feature there are options handwriting. The users are certainly quite familiar with the striped pen loop in this option. We can create objects by drawing on artistic talent that is mastered by the editor. In fact, we can change the color of the line and it is equipped with options eraser, so that the video that is being made will look interesting after it is perfected.
From some of the options above, Kinemaster also makes it easy for us to download at the store options that have been provided. This can be obtained very easily as long as smartphone connected to the internet during the download process. So we don’t have to bother looking for it in Google or in any other web browser.
Audio Benefits In Kine Master Application Features For Completion

A video will certainly look good if the audio quality in it is in sync with the course of the video. In the Kinemaster feature there are options voices, we can add a recording of the voice of our own users. Most of these features are used for those who will make video tutorials. It directs the user to create or record sound to combine the video with the the features in the kinemaster app as
voice We can do this by recording the duration of the sound that we will input and it will automatically enter the video.

the next step we just adjust our voice with the video to make it look rhythmic. In addition to choice voices, we are also able to take advantage of a feature called audio on the Kinemaster application.

In features audio In this case, we can enter a song track according to the video that was edited earlier. We can also set the desired short length of the song track in the video. Like if the video is made with a holiday theme, then the editor can enter the song as back sound on the video according to the theme. This feature is often used because every video requires audio as a supporter.
Those are some of the important features found in the Kinemaster application for the video editing process. What is certain is that there are still many other features that have functions vary. How to use the features in the kinemaster app actually quite easy for us to understand and use, depending on the willingness of each to continue to learn.

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