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How to Upgrade Hero and Villain Advancement to Tier-2 MARVEL Future Fight

How to Upgrade Hero and Villain Advancement to Tier-2 MARVEL Future Fight

Hearing the word Marvel, you must be familiar with superhero names such as Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain Marvel and other Marvel-made heroes. Marvel Future Fight itself is an RPG game developed by Netmarble with an official license from Marvel. In this game you can play like other RPG games such as leveling, farming, and others. For you fans of superheroes from Marvel, it is absolutely mandatory to play this game.

In accordance with the title of the article, Babang will provide a tutorial on how to upgrade an Advancement Hero or Villain to Tier-2. If you are a newbie player, you definitely don’t know how to upgrade a tier-2 hero or villain. The benefit of upgrading to tier-2 is of course the hero you have will get stronger, the passive skill of the hero will be completely unlocked. And Tier-2 you have to do if you want to upgrade again to Tier-3, to upgrade to Tier-3 later Babang will give the tutorial in the next post.

Immediately, here are the steps to Upgrade Hero to Tier-2 in full and in detail

1. You must have a 6 Star hero that you want to upgrade to Tier-2. To get a 6-star hero you have to farm biometrics, rank up with a rank up ticket or get it from the Hero selector, usually if there is an event the Hero selector will be given for free.

2. After that, please upgrade the Mastery hero until all the stars are red, aka full mastery. You can use the Mastery upgrade with Norn Stone for ordinary heroes and use M’kraan shard for Xmen and Deadpool heroes. To get Norn Stone you can look for it in Story Mission, Daily Mission and World Boss Invasion

3. If you have finished upgrading the mastery of the hero, then you will upgrade the character of the gear hero to Level +20 all. This upgrade requires dimension debris, biometrics, gold, and weapons. You can find dimension debris in the Dimension Rift, for weapons you can look for it in the Story Mission.

4. The fourth step, you are required to collect 2.5 million Gold, biometric, Norn Stone, Black Anti-Matter (BAM), Norn Stone Of Chaos according to the conditions given. You can find Black Anti-Matter and Norn Stone of Chaos at World Boss by fighting Thanos and his men. For Hero Xmen and Deadpool friends you have to look for the Phoenix Feather which you can get at World Boss by fighting Quick Silver, Scarlet Witch, Cable and Apocalypse. However, if you are still a beginner, you can use Advancement Tickets which you can get for free from events, login rewards and can be purchased at the shop. By using this ticket you don’t need to collect materials to upgrade to Tier-2.

collect the requested material
world boss
Advancement Tier-2 ticket

5. The last step, you just start Tier-2 by pressing the Advance button. Done, you have successfully upgraded your hero to Tier-2.

Tier-2 upgrade complete

So that’s how to upgrade Advancement to Tier-2, pretty easy right? With Tier-2, your hero will get stronger, especially if you buy a costume for your superhero, your hero will be stronger. Making it easier for you to complete daily missions, defeat World Bosses, play Timeline Battles and more. Hopefully this article can help those of you who don’t understand how to upgrade to tier-2. If you are still confused, you can comment below and good luck!