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How to Transfer Gopay to OVO With and Without the 3rd Application

How to Transfer Gopay to OVO

Gopay to ovo transfers – As an active digital wallet user, you must be very familiar with these two digital wallets, Gopay and OVO. Right?

Yes, Gopay is the digital wallet of the Gojek application. Meanwhile, OVO is a digital wallet that stands independently and partners with the Grab application.

Although both are part of different online transportation. However, both of them can transfer their digital wallet balances to each other, you know.

For example, transfer Gopay balance to OVO and vice versa. So, how do you transfer Gopay to OVO in full?

Terms of Transfer Gopay to OVO

Before starting to discuss the complete guide on how to transfer Gopay to OVO, there are four conditions that you must pay attention to.

1. Have Both Accounts

It’s not funny, is it, when you want to transfer some money from one e-wallet to another, but don’t have an account? Well, if you don’t have a Gopay account and an OVO account, then you have to download, install, and upgrade them first.

2. Upgrade Gopay to Gopay Plus and OVO to OVO Premiere

Why do you have to upgrade these two applications? Because, the Gopay balance transfer feature to OVO, to another account, or even to a bank account, can only be used if the account is premium (plus/premiere).

The method and terms of the upgrade are also easy. You just need to prepare an ID card and do the steps like this.

  • Upload a photo of your ID card to the Gojek Apps. Photos are clear, clear, without blur.
  • Selfie while holding an ID card, then upload it to the Gojek Apps. Photos are clear, clear, without blur.
  • Wait for the verification process to become a Verified Account.

3. Adding Special Bank Code

The special bank code in question is the Nationalnobu Bank code, which is in the form of number 9. You can enter the bank code before entering the OVO number correctly so that there is no transfer failure.

Special Code + OVO Number 9081111****.

4. Stable Internet Connection

Because digital wallets are synonymous with cyberspace, it means that you must have a stable internet connection. Whatever the connection, it can be a cellular connection or WIFI. The goal, so that the transfer process becomes smooth.

Complete Guide How to Transfer Gopay to OVO

Talking about transferring Gopay to OVO, there are two ways you need to know, namely using the Gojek application and using a third-party application (the OY! Indonesia application). Let’s check the steps!

First, How to Transfer Gopay to OVO Using the Gojek Application

There are 15 steps that you must follow. The 15 steps include:

  1. Open the Gojek Apps that you verified earlier.
  2. Check Gopay balance. Make sure the balance is not IDR 0 and there is still enough to transfer.
  3. Select the More menu or the More menu.
  4. Select the Withdraw menu or the Withdraw menu.
  5. Add Another Bank or Add Another Bank.
  6. Select Nationalnobu Bank (bank code: number 9).
  7. Fill in the information with the destination number you want to transfer. If you want to transfer to OVO, then fill in the destination OVO number. Example: 9081111****.
  8. After you fill in the information correctly, click save (save).
  9. Enter the nominal transfer, how many rupiah of funds you want to transfer.
  10. Select the National Nobu Bank Account for the OVO account that you have added and select withdraw.
  11. Check the information that you have entered. Make sure all data is filled in correctly.
  12. Select confirm (confirm).
  13. Enter the Gojek PIN as a sign that you will complete the Gopay to OVO transfer process.
  14. Process completed.
  15. Ask the person you’re transferring to to check the transfer notification on their OVO account.


  • What is the minimum limit for withdrawing a Gopay account balance? The withdrawal limit is IDR 10,000.
  • What is the maximum limit for withdrawing a Gopay account balance? There is no maximum withdrawal limit.
  • Is there a withdrawal administration fee? Yes, here. You will be charged a withdrawal administration fee of IDR 2,500 from your Gopay account.
  • Is there always an administration fee? Not always there. Sometimes you actually have the opportunity to get attractive promo offers when making shipping transactions.
  • Is there a maximum balance limit that can be stored on Gopay? Yes, the maximum limit is IDR 1,000,000.

Second, How to Transfer Gopay to OVO Using the OY! (OY Indonesia)

How to Transfer Gopay to OVO Using the OY Application

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There are 15 steps that you must follow. The 15 steps include:

  1. Download and Install Apps Oy! on your HP.
  2. Open Apps Oy! and click the Transfer menu.
  3. Select Local Transfer > Add New Recipient.
  4. The Enter Recipient Details screen appears. Then select Recipient Bank > Bank National Nobu (bank code: number 9).
  5. In the Account column, enter the bank code + the destination number you want to transfer. If you want to transfer to OVO, then fill in the destination OVO number. Example: 9081111****.
  6. Click Done or Done.
  7. The name of the recipient registered in the OVO Apps appears. Fill in the recipient’s Phone Number for Apps OY! can send notifications regarding transaction status.
  8. Select Continue.
  9. In the Amount column, Transfer Details appears. Fill in the amount of money you want to transfer.
  10. To select the source of funds to which the Gopay balance is sent, select the transaction category > select the source of funds.
  11. Check again whether the contents are complete and correct. If so, click Continue.
  12. Several options for Transfer Methods will appear, such as Virtual Account, Debit Card, and Bank Transfer. Choose Virtual Accounts.
  13. After that, you will be redirected to enter the Transfer Details page > click Copy in the Transfer to Virtual Account No column to copy the destination account number.
  14. The numbers that you have copied can be used to transfer Gopay balances to OVO via the Gojek application.
  15. Please try!


  • Why should you choose Virtual Account? Because the verification process will run automatically and you don’t need an additional unique code. Meanwhile, if you choose Bank Transfer, you must include a unique three-digit code. For example, a transfer of IDR 50,000. So, what you have to enter is IDR 50,123.
  • Is there a feature to top up OVO balance automatically through Gopay With Apps Oy! ? There is no. You have to select the Interbank Transfer feature to fill it out. More or less the transaction flow is like this: Gopay > Oy! > OVO.
  • What are the excellent features of OY!? Many, for example digital wallet top ups, free e-wallet, and free interbank transfers.
  • Is there a Transaction Summary feature on OY!? There is. You can view the Transaction Summary to analyze expenses, so that your finances are always safe and not wasteful quickly.

Quite easy or complicated steps above? If you haven’t practiced it feels like you can’t judge for sure, right?

But overall, the steps are pretty easy for you to apply. Only one sitting, the transaction can run. Because basically, Gopay and OVO features are also designed so that you can easily understand and use them.

Well, that’s how to transfer Gopay to OVO that you need to know. So far, to make transfers to other e-wallets, it still requires a third party bank, namely Bank Nobu, to top up the balance first. Gopay cannot transfer directly to OVO, even if you use the Gojek application.

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