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How to Root and Unroot All Types of Android HP Brands Easily without a PC

How to Root All Types of Android HP Brands Easily – Confused about how to root your Android phone? It’s actually easy to root all types of Android phones without using a PC (computer) with the tutorial below, but before we proceed to the tutorial on how to root, we should know what the advantages and disadvantages are if we root our gadgets

Advantages of Rooting Android
Here are some advantages if we root Android phones:
1. Can delete default applications in internal memory
2. We can freely edit the system from android or in slang “cracking” the android system
3. Mobile performance is getting maximized.
4. Easier to choose storage, backup, and others.
5. Gamers can modify the value of the game at will.

Disadvantages of Root Android
Each has advantages there must be disadvantages, here are the disadvantages:
1. The existing warranty can be lost
2. The cellphone heats up quickly because it continues to work optimally
3. Hardware is damaged quickly if used excessively
4. Bootlop, Hardbrick, Softbrick can even die completely if you make a mistake in editing the system.
5. Cell phones are more susceptible to viruses

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of having your cellphone rooted, now let’s go to the tutorial

How to Root Android Phone:
1. First download one of the applications below:
– Farmaroot
– Towelroot
– Kingroot
– Root Genius
2. After downloading, please open it settings (settings), security (security), then tick Unknown Source to install third-party applications.
3. Next, after installing, open the application, your mobile connection to the internet is recommended using Wifi, then select root, wait for the application to complete the rooting process.
4. If your root is successful you will see a check mark (checklist).
5. Root success if there is a KingUser application if we root using Kingroot

The following is an illustration, suppose I root my android phone with Kingroot

So easy isn’t it? Furthermore, after you have successfully rooted but want to unroot it’s easy as follows:

How to Unroot

1. Open the Kinguser app

2. Then select remove root permission, a popup will appear and select remove

3. Restart the phone

4. Done

Oh yes, the 4 applications above just choose one, but I recommend using Kingroot or Root Genius.

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