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How to Protect External Hard Drive Using Password 100% Safe!

How to Protect External Hard Drive Using Password 100% Safe! – For those of you who like to store collections of movies, Favorite Anime and other important documents inside external hard drive, Moreover, there are files that are very secret but are afraid of being opened by others when you are careless or don’t know? Then the solution is to use password protection. Well, in this article, Babang will give a tutorial how to give password or protection to external hard drive, here are the steps

How to Protect External Hard Drive Using Password

With Hard Drive Default Applications

Several types of external hard drive brands such as Sony, Western Digital or SanDisk already provide features to protect the hard drive by using a password.

But there are still many hard disks that are not equipped with this feature, so we have to install additional applications so we can lock the disk with a password.

Using StorageCrypt

How to Protect External Hard Drive Using Password 100% Safe!

The application that Babang will recommend is StorageCrypt, you can download it here
How to use it, Babang will explain below

  • Open the app StorageCrypt that you have installed
  • Connect your external hard drive to the laptop
  • Select your hard disk device by selecting the menu Choose DiskDrive
  • Then select Quick Encryption on the menu Encryption Mode. You can also choose Deep Encryption which takes longer but is more secure.
  • Next select full on the menu Portable Use
  • Enter Password twice. After that you click the button Encrypt until the sound appears bleep. Finished! Now your external hard drive is protected safely.

If you want to remove the password on your external hard drive then there are several steps you have to do. The first step, you have to find a file named SClite.exe in the folder SClite. Run the application then enter the password you use. Next click
decrypt to remove the password. It’s easy, right?

Using USB Copy Protection

How to Protect External Hard Drive Using Password 100% Safe!

To give an external hard drive password in another way is to use USB Copy Protection.
This software is very similar to the previous application, but USB Copy Protection can provide multilevel user access according to our needs.
The steps for using this application are as follows:

  • The first step you have to download and install the USB Copy Protection application, download it right here.
  • After that, connect your hard drive to the laptop. Later your hard drive will appear on the tab Select Drive.
  • Select the hard disk that you want to give a password for.
  • Click tab permissions. Well, this is where you can set access for multiple users. There are four types of access, namely Read, Write, Full and Custom. You can also set a different password for each user.
  • Next, select the tab Options to set the encryption strength and Client name.
  • Then click the Encrypt Now tab, enter the password twice. OK!

If you want to remove the password, you just need to log in with the admin account. Then click menu Manage on the file and select Complete Unprotect.

So, that’s how to easily give a password to your external hard drive. With protection or passwords, you don’t need to be afraid if your important data is hijacked

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