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How to Play 2 Mobile Legends Game Accounts With Applications ~ lasting Blog

How to Play 2 Mobile Legends Game Accounts With Applications in One Mobile~ On this occasion I will share a tutorial with friends on how to play 2 Mobile Legends accounts on the same cellphone using an application, actually there is a way to play 2 Mobile Legends accounts on one cellphone without an application, but sometimes without an application, problems usually arise. such as not being able to change accounts, therefore using an application can overcome this, As we already know that the Mobile Legends game is a MOBA type game made by Moontoon that can be played on the Android and IOS platforms which since the first appearance of this game has attracted the attention of the public. gamers.

Back to the topic of discussion, actually playing 2 Mobile Legends game accounts can be played directly without using an application, the most important thing is that the account must first be linked to a Google Play Game account or Facebook account, as a login requirement. But if you use an application you don’t need to associate it, and this application is called Parellel Space.

For those of you who don’t know what a parelle space application is, I will explain a little to you, the Parelle Space application is an application that can duplicate an application on a smartphone, so if we open the application on Parallel Space, here I will give an example of the Mobile legends application. we can play a new Mobile legends account or other mobile legends accounts without worrying about being linked to the original account. so if we use the parallel space application we can create a new Mobile legends game account without having to bother uninstalling the game, for those of you who are interested in playing 2 Mobile legends game accounts on 1 cellphone with the Paralle Space application, here is a tutorial on how to use it.

How to Play 2 Mobile Legends Accounts with the Parallel Space Application
1. First download and install the application first Parallel Space
2. Next, open the Parallel Space application, then please select the application Mobile Legends, Google Play Games and Facebook, so that it can be linked and can change accounts, and if you have selected Add to Parallel Space.

3. Next, you just need to select the Mobile Legends application to create a new account or an old mobile legends account.

Well, that’s all I can convey on this occasion regarding the tutorial on How to Play 2 Mobile Legends Game Accounts With Applications, if there is something you want to ask or maybe you have something to say, don’t forget to comment, thank you so much from me.

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