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How to play 2 Mobile Legends accounts in 1 cellphone without any application ~ lasting Blog

How to play 2 or more Mobile Legends accounts in one cellphone without an application – Mobile Legends game bang bang is a Moba game published by Moonton, this android platform game is quite booming and is liked by all people from children to adults, this game is indeed similar to the Dota game but the difference is that this game has an Android platform. , therefore it doesn’t take long to become the most popular game today, Mobile legends games are played in groups or teams and in one team there are 5 players, so the players use a 5 vs 5 system by using different heroes in each game, and if we have linked our Mobile legends game account to facebook so we can play with facebook friends, that way we can work together with our facebook friends to beat the opponent.

Mobile Legends bang bang has a maximum level of up to Max level 30, and Mobile legends bang bang presents various types of heroes such as Harley, Cyclops, Kagura, Chou, Gatotkaca and many more, by collecting a lot of heroes it gives its own impression and can give its own uniqueness Besides collecting heroes, having 2 or more accounts is a dream for gamers.

Actually, in the previous article I gave a tutorial on how to play two mobile legends game accounts, but in the previous article I shared playing two accounts using the parallel space application, so this time I will share with you guys without an application, by playing 2 an account without an application will make the players comfortable, now for those of you who don’t know how to play two or more mobile legends game accounts without an application, you can see the tutorial that I have provided below.

How to Play 2 Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game Accounts on Android

1. Before adding a new account/account that you have previously, the first thing to do is you have to link your Mobile legends account with a Google play or facebook account, because if we haven’t linked one of these accounts then your mobile legends game account can be lost, if you don’t know how to link a mobile legends account with facebook/google play you can read the following article.

2. To create a new mobile legends game account, the method is very easy, to create a new account you can delete the mobile legends game data select settings>application>select mobile legends app>clear data or you can also uninstall and install the Mobile legends application again, after that open the Mobile legends application it will create a new account again, now if you have created a new account then don’t forget to link to a facebook account / Google play game, but link it with a Google play account or Different Facebook.

3. After you understand, the next step is to change to the old account. The trick, please enter your Mobile legends profile in the upper left corner then click Akun

4. Next, click menu Sign in to an existing account (to log in with the mobile legends account you already have)

5. To log in with the old account that you already have, you can use Google play games or Facebook, but here I give an example using Google Play Games, for Facebook accounts the method is the same.

6. Now after choosing Google play games, a choice of Google accounts will appear on your cellphone, here please select which one you previously linked to the Mobile Legends account, if the Gmail account option appears again, please select the same error as before.

7. Next, a notification or confirmation will appear about changing the mobile legends game account, here please select OK, if prompted to restart the game, please restart it.

That’s how to play 2 Mobile Legends accounts in 1 cellphone without an application, hopefully it can be useful for you if there is something you want to ask or maybe you have something to say, don’t forget to comment, thank you so much from me.

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