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How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag with GFX Tool

The PUBG Mobile game is a battle royale game that is currently popular in Indonesia and even in the world. In this game you will fight alone or with a squad, and the player who survives to the end is the winner.

How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag with GFX Tool

With stunning graphics, PUBG Mobile is no less exciting than the Steam or PC version of PUBG.

How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag with GFX Tool

Have you ever experienced lag while playing PUBG Mobile? When in the war suddenly the gameplay is broken so it is very difficult to aim at the enemy. If so, then this time Babang has a solution to overcome it. You can overcome the lag when playing PUBG Mobile games with the GFX Tool application.

This GFX Tool function can maximize the performance of your Android cellphone, which initially FPS drop can be optimized to 60FPS.

What is the correct way to set the GFX Tool? Here are the steps for setting the correct GFX Tool 100% Success! Work!

1. Make sure you have installed PUBG Mobile and the GFX Tool application, if not you can download it on the Play Store, OK?

2. Before settings go to the GFX Tool, it’s good you know in advance the version of PUBG Mobile that you have installed, how to do it Settings > Installed Applications > Search PUBG Mobile > Application Details.

pubg mobile

3. After knowing your PUBG Mobile version, please open the GFX Tool that is already installed on your cellphone, select the version according to the PUBG Mobile version installed on your cellphone, for example on Babang’s cellphone it is version 0.11.0 then in the GFX Tool also select that version .

4. After that, please set it according to your wishes, for example 60FPS, HD or Smooth Graphics, GPU Optimization Enable and others, adjusted to your HP specs. If you have, press Accept.

pubg mobile

5. After that, just minimize the GFX Tool application and start playing the PUBG Mobile game.

pubg mobile

6. Done, it is guaranteed that you play PUBG Mobile without breaking again.

The final word
So those are tips for overcoming lag when playing PUBG Mobile games, with the GFX Tool, your cellphone gameplay will no longer lag when playing PUBG Mobile. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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