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How to Move Banned ML Accounts Without Re-downloading Work!

Now there are lots of Mobile Legends cheats scattered everywhere, such as Cheat Skins, Cheat Drone View, and APK Bot. If you use one of these cheats, there is a possibility that your account will be banned by Moonton.

How to Move Banned ML Accounts Without Re-downloading Work!

When your account is banned, you automatically can’t play the game until the banned time is over.

Surely you don’t want to wait too long, do you? If so, then you have to switch to your other Mobile Legends account if you have multiple accounts. Many tutorials are scattered about how to move a banned Mobile Legends account. However, you have to clear the data and re-download it. If you have a small quota, of course this method quickly drains the quota because you have to re-download the data.

However, this time Babang will share tips and tricks for moving Mobile Legends Bang Bang accounts without the need to re-download data. If you don’t know how, you can refer to the following tutorial

Step :
1. First step, open the app ZArchiver. If it’s not installed, please install it on the Play Store, then select menu Android.

2. Then select data then select

3. Then rename the folder by pressing the folder and selecting rename.

4. Please add numbers as you like, for example 1122 in the folder name becomes, then select OK.

5. After that, please open the menu Arrangement -> Installed Apps -> Google Play Games, then select clear data.

6. Then search Google Play Services choose manage space then select delete all data.

7. Then search again Mobile Legends then select Clear Data.

8. The next step is to return to ZArchiver then open Android -> Data -> then return the name to the original folder numbered 1122 to

9. If the steps above have been successful, please open the Mobile Legends game.
If you have entered, please tap repeatedly on the bottom right corner, if an account input appears, please select Cancel.

10. Please wait and press continuously until a display like the image below appears.

11. Please select the menu in the lower right corner.

12. Now you just have to choose to switch accounts using email to another account that is not banned.

If you have successfully moved your Mobile Legends account, a display like the one below will appear

So that’s how to move a Mobile Legends account without the need to re-download data, of course this method is very effective for saving quota so it doesn’t cost you to buy quota again. For those who have WiFi, this method is quite effective to save time and does not need to be complicated to re-download data. Hope it is useful!

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