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How to Make Mobile Legends Game Accounts Not Lost ~ lasting Blog

How to make Mobile legends account not lost – On this occasion I will discuss how to prevent the legend mobile game account that we have from being lost, Mobile legends game: bang bang is a popular online game lately, because the number of players in this game is increasing. In the mobile legends game itself, each player has the right to use several hero characters, but if in one team it is not allowed to use the same hero character, the hero character in the mobile legends game consists of several types, namely, fighter, assassin, tank, support and marksman. and the good thing is this game can play with our Facebook friends who have mobile legends game accounts.

But before you play to a higher level in the mobile legends game, you should link the Mobile legends game account first, especially you have to link the mobile legend account with a bind account. the purpose of linking a mobile legends game account is so that the account does not disappear even though the mobile legends game is reinstalled,

By linking a mobile legends account to a bind account, you will not worry about your mobile legends game account being lost, and the bind account in the mobile legends game itself is a term for linking a mobile legends account with an existing account such as a Google play game account, Facebook account and VK account, by linking to one of the accounts I mentioned earlier, our mobile legends game account will be safe and will not be lost.

And the way so that our mobile legends game account doesn’t disappear, one of them is by linking the Mobile legends account with Google play games, for that you have to install the Google play game application on your cellphone.

How to Link Mobile Legends account with Google Play Games

1. First open your Mobile Legends account, then click the game profile in the upper left corner then select menu Account.

2. Then to link the mobile legends game account with Google Play Games, please select the menu Bind Account

3. After that select Google Play Games, then select the Google Play Game account you want to use for Mobile Legends, if there is a warning select agree and continue,

4. And if successful, the Google Play Game section will change to Google Play Unbind like the following picture.

So that way, Mobile legends will be safe and will not be lost when the game is reinstalled, and so what I can say on this occasion may be useful, if there is something you want to convey or maybe there is something you want to ask, don’t forget to comment, that’s all from me thanks.