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How to Hide Online Status on Instagram Android

instagram online

Instagram is a social media that is currently popular, many features are starting to develop in this application. One of the recent features is IGTV, even though it’s been 7 months since this article was written, IGTV is still hotly discussed on Instagram.

But now the author will only discuss according to the title, namely how to hide online status on Instagram. What are the benefits of hiding online status on Instagram? Just like the features on Facebook, hiding online status is useful for those of you who are uncomfortable with stalker. If you use this feature, your online status will not be known by the users stalker, not only online status, if you use this feature like, and your comments are not known by others. So, how do you activate this feature? Check out the following way


  1. Open your Instagram App.
  2. Then you enter the menu or tab profile.
  3. Next go to Settings.
  4. Select menu activity status.
  5. Then turn it off on the menu show activity status.

After you follow the steps above, your online status when seen by others does not display a green icon and every time you like, comment and follow will not be known by others so that your privacy is more secure and more secure.

That’s it for this post, hopefully it can be useful

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