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How to Easily Create Stories on LINE

LINE is a popular chat application that is widely used by many people. Many features are available on LINE such as stickers, video calls, timelines and others. In 2021, Naver announced a new feature, Story.
This feature is the same as the story feature owned by Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other applications.

How to Easily Create Stories on LINE

The usefulness of the story feature is to share your activities without spamming the timeline. You can share photos, videos, and text. In addition, you can interact with your friends through story LINE by sending emoticons, replying to their stories and more.

To try the features story on LINE, this time Babang will share a tutorial on how to create a story on the LINE application

This feature is only available on Android, for other devices it will be available on updates next.

Immediately, here are the steps

1. Make sure the LINE application you are using is the latest version, if not, please update it first on the Play Store.

2. After that, please open the application, then go to Timeline, feature Story be at the top Timeline. To start making it please press camera icon.

How to Easily Create Stories on LINE 01

3. On page Story (same as stories on Instagram and others), please choose the type of story to be shared, starting from photos, videos or text. For example Babang will use the text type.

How to Easily Create Stories on LINE 02

4. Please write the text you want to convey via story, you can also change the color of the text as needed.

How to Easily Create Stories on LINE 03

5. If you have finished writing the text that you will share, please press Done. If you want to cancel to create a story you can press Cancel.

How to Easily Create Stories on LINE 04

6. You can also add other information such as stickers, additional text and markers as needed. To send the story that you have made to your friends, please press logo send.

How to Easily Create Stories on LINE 05

7. The story you created will appear at the top of the timeline and can be seen by your friends who are already following each other. You can also see stories from your friends.

How to Easily Create Stories on LINE 06

That’s how to easily create stories on LINE. With the Story feature, LINE is not inferior to other social media, so you don’t feel bored to use it. Hope it is useful!

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