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How to Easily Create a School Website Using Wordpress

how to make a school website
Just Type – Various agencies today, including educational institutions, continue to compete in various aspects that will carry the name of the school. The school website in this case is one of the important categories that must be owned so that it can compete in the IT field with other agencies. However, of course how to make a school website not easy.
There are many things from preparation to the manufacturing process that need to be fulfilled properly. Well, if you are planning to create a school website, but are not proficient in IT, coding and so on, don’t worry because you can find the answer here. This time, we will discuss how to create a complete school website that can be your guide.
Prepare the data that needs to be included in the website
Previously, you need to prepare the data that will later be included in the website. Whether it’s in the form of information or special access. In general, there are some data that must be listed and are usually included on the school website. Before preparing special data, make sure some general data is also ready.
Some of the data referred to are school profiles, educational curricula, education levels to school teaching staff. It can also display student and teacher achievements, school facilities, extracurricular activities, and student registration information so that its function as a promotional medium is fulfilled. Blog updates, photo galleries, locations and contacts, as well as the academic calendar are also important listed on the website.
Basic Needs for School Website Creation

Before starting to apply the core details how to make a school website, please note that there are some basic things that need to be prepared. Some of them have nothing to do with domains and hosting. Of course, so that the quality of this website is raised, it is impossible for you to use a free website. That’s why the domain and hosting need to be prepared in advance.

1. Using the .Sch.Id . Domain Extension

Usually, the most popular domain used is .com. However, it is different if this website is used for educational institutions. There is a special extension in the form of a domain. You can get this domain very cheaply, under 100 thousand.

Every year the domain extension must be renewed so that it can remain active. As for the purchase, there are special requirements in the form of ID cards in charge for all types of educational institutions. In addition, a letter of application from the principal for official schools is also required and a decree from the relevant institution for non-formal schools is required.

2. Determine the Hosting Server

In addition to the domain, hosting is a basic requirement in making a website. Here you are free to choose one of the existing hosting providers. However, make sure this provider offers responsive and reliable hosting. That way your school website also has a better quality.

3. Login Via cPanel

After finding a suitable hosting server, you can directly login to cPanel to start setting up your website. Each hosting provider, usually has its own provisions relating to the cPanel login. In this step you can follow the guide from the hosting server that was purchased previously.
Start Install WordPress And Choose Plugin
After successfully entering the c-panel page, then you need to install wordpress first in a series of how to make a school website this time. WordPress in this case offers convenience for users so that you can access and manage websites easily. There you can also install some required plugins. In addition to wordpress, you can also use a blogspot hosting server.

1. How to Install WordPress Short

To install wordpress, don’t forget that you need to be in the cPanel page. Then please look for the Softacolous menu contained in the software services section. If Softacolus doesn’t exist yet, please install it manually. In Softacolous you will find several lists of supported applications to be installed and used on the website.
Next, you will enter on a page that presents a description of wordpress itself. There is an install menu and you just have to click on the menu. The next step, several fields will appear that must be filled as needed.
In some of these fields you need to fill them in completely. However, there are some columns that it is better to leave blank or not to change. Among them are In Directory, Enable Multisite, Auto upgrade, Atomated Backups and Backup Rotation.

2. Installing a plugin for the school website

As mentioned that in wordpress there are many plugins that you can use. This plugin is installed in order to facilitate your activities during the website management process and. As for the school website, it should also be noted that there are several special plugins that can be used.
One of the important types of plugins that you need to install here is the WP School Plugin. The function of this plugin is to display the academic calendar. There is also a plugin that functions to display photo albums for school activities. Its name is Envira Gallery plugin.
There are still several other plugins that can also be used. Among them, such as WP Google Maps to display the point location of your school agency, and WPForms which can be used as a contact viewer. To display a list of staff and teachers, you can use the Simple Staff List plugin. The Events Calendar plugin can be used to display the agenda for school activities.
Finally, for those who want to use the website to function for e-learning, you can use a pkugin such as Sensei or TeachPress. Meanwhile, to install the plugin itself, you can go to see the menus in wordpress. Look for the plugin menu then click on it and find what plugin you need.
Choose a Theme For Your Website
How to make a school website the last is to choose the appearance for the website. To support the attractive appearance, then you need to choose the most attractive theme as well. In this case there are two types of themes in general that you can use.

1. Free themes

There are many free themes available on WordPress that you can use anytime. Of course, some of these free themes already have a very adequate appearance. In fact, there are also those who are considered professional and reliable. However, the choices are limited.

2. Premium theme

If you want something more professional with unlimited options, you can buy a premium theme. With a premium theme, the quality of the website is even higher. It’s just that, the consideration is, you need to spend more budget in making a website for that.
Furthermore, to install the theme you can install it online in the Appearance menu. The installation of the theme can also be uploaded via WordPress via the Add Themes feature that is already available. The last way can also be by uploading the theme via cPanel.
When the steps presented in the guide how to make a school website Using WordPress above is complete, then the website is ready. You as the manager of the school website can directly enter the data that has been prepared previously. After that, spread the website link so that those who need access can directly connect.