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How to Download Videos on LINE without Additional Applications!

How to Download Videos on LINE without Additional Applications!

LINE is a chat application that is currently popular. In addition to the chat feature, the LINE application also provides features Timeline. In this feature you can share status, photos and videos.

Sometimes you come across a unique video in the Timeline and want to save it on your cellphone. If you don’t know how, you don’t need to worry because this time Babang will provide a tutorial on how to download videos on LINE without additional applications quickly and easily.

Complete Tutorial How to Download Videos on LINE
When you find a unique and interesting video in your Timeline, now you can download the video to save on your Smartphone.
The method is quite easy and simple, just follow the steps

  1. The first step, you have to find which video you want to save on your cellphone. If so, please choose Share which is below the video post. After that, please select Copy Link, then paste it in the address bar of your HP Browser application. Free to use any browser application on your cellphone. Here Babang uses Google Chrome.
  2. Then a display like the one below will appear, please play the video and hold it until the words Save Video appear, after that wait until the download process is complete.

How to Download Videos on LINE using UC Browser

If the above method doesn’t work, it doesn’t hurt to try another alternative, namely downloading LINE videos using UC Browser.
Here are the steps

  1. Open the UC Browser application on your cellphone, if not, you can install it on the Play Store or App Store. After it opens, please install the Video Downloader Add-on, to download the add-on please Click here.
  2. After downloading, please install the add-on, just like installing other applications, you just have to select Continue, then Next
  3. After the installation process is complete, please select Done, then Video Downloader is ready to be used.
  4. To download videos on LINE, please enter (Login) to the LINE Login screen will appear, please enter your email address and password then select Login.
  5. After successfully logging in, please go to the timeline and look for the video you want to download, if you have found it, please play the video.

  6. After the video is played, you will see a down arrow or a download icon, please select the icon to download the video. To see the download results, you can directly open the menu located in the bottom center and select Downloads.

  7. Wait until the download process is complete, it will automatically be saved on your cellphone. You can open the video in the UC Downloads folder.

The advantages of the Video Downloader Add-on in UC Browser are not only being able to download videos on LINE, but also being able to download videos on other websites that contain video files. Simply by tapping the download icon, the video is automatically downloaded and stored on your cellphone. So you have no trouble downloading the videos you like.

So that’s how to download videos on LINE in a fairly easy and fast way. Good luck!