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How to Create a Polling on Twitter Easily

Humans are social beings who cannot live individually. They always communicate with each other. In this modern era, social interaction is getting easier with social media, you can interact with people who are located very far apart in a very short time. You can get acquainted and even find a mate through social media.

How to Create a Polling on Twitter Easily

In addition, social media can also be used to ask for opinions. You can ask for opinions through close friends, family by means of chat, direct messages and polls.
However, if you have a Twitter account that has a lot of followers, you can use the poll feature to ask for opinions.

Conducting a poll is a solution to determine the best choice if you are confused about choosing one of the two options. You can ask your followers for their opinion on something you choose, or if you are a content creator on Youtube, you can ask for an opinion poll on what content you should create.

Well, if you want to know how to create a poll on Twitter, you can check out the tutorial below


1. Open the Twitter application that has been installed on your cellphone.

2. After that, please login with your Twitter account, then select the tweet icon, then select poll.

Twitter tutorials 1

3. Then make a question at once with answer options. You can also increase the polling time limit in the poll duration menu.

twitter tutorial 2

4. Here are the poll results that you have seen, the poll will end according to the duration of the time you have created.

twitter tutorial 3

5. Done, you have successfully created a poll on Twitter.

If you use Twitter using a browser, then the method is more or less the same as the method above. However, if you prefer something simple and easy to do, then using Twitter on your smartphone is highly recommended. This method can also be done on Android and iOS smartphones.

One thing you need to know, making polls is not just to ask for opinions on serious things, you can also make polls about funny things, this is so you can interact more closely with your followers.

So that’s how to make a poll on Twitter, easy right? Hope it’s useful

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