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How to Check IP Camera CCTV Via HP and PC

How to Check IP Camera CCTV

Almost in all areas of large buildings, such as companies, malls, or even large houses, CCTV is installed. The reason is as a monitoring system in modern times.

Yes, that’s right. Especially in this sophisticated era, crimes are also increasingly sophisticated.

For that, there’s nothing wrong with always trying preventive measures, right?

One of them is by installing CCTV in certain corners of buildings that are considered crucial.

Many questions regarding whether the same between IP Cameras and CCTV? Then, about how to check the IP CCTV camera itself?

Are IP Cameras and CCTV the Same?

Functionally, IP cameras and CCTV are both used to record or monitor an important event. Which, the tape can be replayed as evidence of the events that have passed.

However, if you look closely, the two have differences. For example in terms of cable.

  • CCTV cameras (analog cameras) are ordinary CCTV cameras that use Coaxial cable.
  • IP Camera is a CCTV camera that uses a UTP cable (data cable) to connect to the internet network.

So, analog CCTV can only be displayed on a monitor screen that is based on analog. Meanwhile, IP cameras can be displayed on internet-based monitors and cellphones. Wherever you are, you can easily control it.

Then, what about the IP address?

Every CCTV whose video recording process is connected to the DVR must have an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address). That is, a series of numbers that exist on computing devices and are useful for connecting via the internet. IP Address consists of 1-3 times 4 maximum block of numbers. For example

IP in CCTV cameras with each other, it’s different, unique. Because, in one large network, there can be no different hosts using the same IP.

How to Check CCTV Camera IP Address

You will usually find an IP address or internet protocol address on the CCTV box when you buy a new one. However, if the box is lost and you don’t have time to remember it, then to find out the CCTV IP address, the methods below are suitable for you to apply.

First, Knowing the CCTV IP Address Through HP

How to Check IP Camera CCTV

You have to use a third party app. For example, the zMEye app.

1. Download and install the zMEye application on your cellphone (Android or iOS).

2. After the zMEye application has successfully entered the device, then open it to find out the CCTV IP address.

3. The data displayed include:

  • CCTV device name
  • IP Address
  • Mobile port
  • Username
  • Password
  • max channel

Second, Knowing the CCTV IP Address Through a Computer

How to Check IP Camera CCTV


Meanwhile, to find out the CCTV IP Address online via a computer, there are several ways.

1. Via Internet Camera Admin Software

Internet Camera Admin Software is a third-party application that is useful for detecting Internet-connected IP DVRs. You can download and install it first.

After you run this application, there is some information that you can get. Among these information include:

  • MAC Address
  • Camera Name and Model
  • IP Address

Other advantages of Internet Camera Admin Software:

  1. Able to set IP Address, gateway, subnet, and port.
  2. Support for network camera models IC-3015Wn, IC-3005W, IC-3030iWn, IC-3115Wn, IC-3030iPoE, IC-3030iWn, IC7010PoE, IC-3030iPoE, IC7010iPoE, IC7010PTn, and IC7110W.
  3. In the Browse Camera Web feature, you can enter the camera’s web interface without logging in first through a browser.

2. Via the Internet Ediview

The Ediview Internet application is similar to the Internet Admin Software Camera application. However, there are differences:

  • This Ediview Internet Apps was developed by Edimax and is only able to work on the same model and type of CCTV.
  • The camera resolution is small, around 320×240 pixels. So, the result will be a little blurry.

3. Via IP Finder

Overall, the features are also the same as the two previous application recommendations. However, in this IP finder application, it is possible to find out IP addresses of all types. Namely, types PT-31W, PT-31E, NC-213E, NC-203E, IR-113E, IR-103E, NVR-4, and ND-233E.

What If Only Connected With Local LAN Network?

If you are only connected to a local LAN network, you can use the CMS (Camera Management System) or VMS (Video Management System) application.

Although the title is Apps CMS or VMS, but for different DVR vendors, the name of the application is also different. For example, a DVR with the Hikvision brand, the name is iVMS (Intelligent Video Management System).

The steps you need to follow include:

1. Download the CMS application on your Android or iOS phone.

2. Check the IP as well as the DVR connection.

How to Check IP Camera CCTV


On CCTV DVR, use Static IP. The goal is to facilitate management. Even the IP will remain, do not change, even if restarted.

However, in order to avoid clashes between the DHCP server and the computer, do not enter an IP range that already has a DHCP server.

For example, on the network DHCP IP allocation, use the IP - for the Static DVR IP so as not to conflict with the DHCP IP.

  • Check the DVR Connection with Computer and HP.
How to Check IP Camera CCTV


Type ping followed by IP DVR. For example, ping If the result is a time out, then you have to double-check whether the IP you entered is correct or not. If the result is a replay, then the IP you entered is correct and within range.

3. Computer Settings

How to Check IP Camera CCTV


How: Login to DVR > Go to Network Menu > Port.

  • Computer and HP settings to monitor and view CCTV results online.
How to Check IP Camera CCTV


How: Open CMS Apps > Click Tool Menu > Device Management > Server > Encoding Device > Add Device > Fill in IP DVR > Fill in Username > Fill in Password.

  • In the Main View Menu, you should have found the name of the group that you created earlier when you added the DVR.
  • Then just drag & drop to the right window so you can see the CCTV live stream from the DVR.

4. Computer Settings on HP

  • In order to find CMS/VMS Apps that support DVR, search in the search field and download the DVR application.
    How to Check IP Camera CCTV


  • To run it, you just have to tap Live View on the application.

Isn’t it easy to set CCTV via cellphone? But you still have to make sure that your cellphone is compatible. Both system compatible and memory compatible.

As an additional tip, you should limit DVR user access. Can only playback and remote view. This aims to minimize sabotage by the CCTV supervisor itself.

That’s how to check IP Camera CCTV that you need to know. Either later, when you set up supervision using a computer or cellphone, it’s free, as comfortable as possible.

The point is, if you use an IP camera, the surveillance process will be more flexible, it can be anywhere and anytime as long as there is internet.

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