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How to Change Build Hero Items in Mobile Legends ~ lasting Blog

How to Change / Edit Build Hero Items in Mobile Legends – On this occasion I will discuss how to change the build item/gear hero in the Mobile Legends moba game, now for those of you fans of the mobile legends game, of course, you are no stranger to the Gear/build item, because the build item itself has a big influence on the hero you use. we use. how not, the build items themselves can have an effect on the heroes we use starting from attack, defense and others, therefore the right build item composition is very necessary to make the heroes we use sicker when attacking and both in endurance or defense.

To replace the build item itself, it can be done on all heroes in the Mobile Legends game, how to replace it yourself can be done very easily. even though we can actually change the build item while playing, it would be better if we prepare a strategy before the game starts, to make it easier and more efficient. Because preparing build items before playing will make us more comfortable playing because the build items that we have set from the start will appear automatically in the recommendations.

That way we can play more freely, and if our hero is already lv 15 while playing, the build item will be unlocked/purchased, it all depends on the money we get from the battle, if the build items are all open and there are plenty of points/battle money left, there You can buy the build items you need by selling one of the build items for a new one.

How to Change Gear/Build Items in Mobile Legends

For those of you who don’t understand how to change the Build Item on Mobile Legend, please refer to the following tutorial, who knows by changing the build item to your taste, you can be even better hehehe.

1. First, please login in Mobile Legends first

2. then on the initial screen / homepage in Mobile Legends, please select Prep in the lower left corner

3. Next, please select the menu Gear and select the Hero that you will replace the build item with, there select one of the three build item arrangements that you will replace and select Edit

4. After you select edit, then set one of the buils you want to change, a menu will appear Advanced Equipment.

5. there are several options including attack, magic, defense, movement, jungle. there, please adjust it yourself to your taste then select OK, to save and use select ok and select use. To make it back to default, please select reset.

Well, that’s all I can say on this occasion, if there is anything you want to ask, please comment, and continue to support this blog so that it can be updated with other useful and interesting articles.

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