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How to Calibrate Samsung Android Battery Without Application, Easy!

How to Calibrate Samsung Android Battery Without Apps

Batteries can be equated with the life of any electronic device, especially cell phones. The battery is used as a power source to operate the HP. Without the battery, we will not be able to use the phones we have. A good battery also contributes significantly to HP’s performance.
If the battery inside the phone is in bad condition, the performance of the HP system we use will decrease.

Many things can damage the battery. One of them is to use HP when it is being charged. Charging your phone while you are using it will cause the phone to lose power. Playing while the battery is charging is the most common example of which can accelerate the damage. This kind of thing will create a confusing pile of having to store and drain electricity from the cellphone.

There are many ways to rejuvenate a lost battery. One solution is to calibrate the battery. Calibration can be done using the app and manually. Samsung has a feature that can help calibrate the battery without having to use an app. In this article, Babang will explain how to calibrate a Samsung battery without an app.


1. This calibration only applies to Samsung phones. Before calibrating, make sure the battery is in good condition, which means it is not leaking, broken, or seriously damaged. Perform calibration while your battery is left 10-15%

2. Enter the phone number on your cell phone.

3. Enter the code *#0228#. The code will take you to a system that can be used to perform calibration.

4. Then select Quick Start. After that, a notification will appear and click OK, your phone will restart for a moment. After rebooting, the battery is low, indicating a battery problem.

5. Next, turn off your phone and fully charge the battery. After charging is complete, allow the phone to continue charging for 30 to 60 minutes and disconnect the charger from the phone. Let the HP off for 2 hours and turn it back on. Follow the tips mentioned so that the calibration effect can be seen.

6. Only calibrate if your battery is really having problems. If there are no problems, you don’t need to calibrate.

7. Done

Note: Calibrating the battery will not restore its state, but it will help stabilize the use of the battery by the HP computer. Do not calibrate repeatedly because this can damage the cellphone and battery. Use and treat your phone wisely so that the battery quality lasts a long time.

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