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How to Buy Heroes in Mobile Legends for Free, 100% Work!

Mobile legends is one of the games that are familiar. In the game, your players use several heroes available in this game. Then, how to buy a hero in mobile legends itself? Or maybe this can be obtained for free?

Actually, there are 2 ways to get heroes in this game, namely buying and getting them for free. For more details, see the following reviews.

How to Buy Hero Mobile Legend

There are many ways that you can use to get heroes in the Mobile Legends game. Among them is to top up to get diamonds. You can also use battle points, or use tickets.

1. Using Diamonds

This method actually requires a certain fee. The reason is, diamonds can be obtained by top up using money or credit. You can top up with any nominal to buy a hero.

2. Using Battle Points

This method is a method that is quite easy to implement. However, it takes patience because it will take a long time.

You have to take advantage of all the possibilities that exist in order to get a hero using battle points and buy the strongest hero in the mobile legend that you will use.

The average hero has a battle point value of 32,000 and some 24,000. However, you don’t need to worry, there are several heroes that you can get at a cheaper price than the price above.

3. Using ML Tiket Tickets

If this one is a very easy way to buy a hero on mobile legend. You can get heroes by opening free chests, medals, or through daily login events.

However, there is actually an easier and faster way to get these tickets. This method is, by binding your account with a Moonton account for the first time. That way, you will get 200 tickets.

At the end of the season, with the amount varying according to the last rank you got, you can get the two best tank heroes by exchanging tickets. The two heroes are Akai and Franco.

4. Using Hero Fragments

Hero fragment is an item that you can use to buy heroes available in the hero fragment shop. To get this item, you can participate in an event, open a chest, and go through a lucky spin.

How to Get ML Heroes for Free

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are other ways you can do to get a mobile legend hero. In fact, this method can be applied for free. Some of the ways that you can try will be reviewed below.

1. Event 7 days login

This one method should not be missed, especially for new players. This one event will bring many benefits for you. By participating in this event, you will get five heroes and two free mobile legends skins.

The method is quite easy. Players only need to log in for a period of seven consecutive days. Meanwhile, of the five heroes that you can get, they are Tigreal hero with tank role and Saber hero with assassin role.

2. Return Of The Legends Event

This event is a special event that is quite limited. Not all players can get this opportunity. Only players who have left the game and re-login after a long period of time will have a chance.

Here, to get a hero, players only need to complete some of the given missions. After all missions are completed, players will get heroes for free.

3. Mobile Legend Free Hero Event

In addition to the two methods above, usually Moonton will release an event to get a hero for free. Examples of heroes released at this event are Belerick, Mathilda, Benedetta, etc.

Of the many heroes that can be obtained for free, only the Benedetta hero is often used by mobile legend gamers.

Hero Benedetta can be obtained for free at one of the events celebrating 1 billion downloads of mobile legend games in November 2021. By completing the available tasks, you will get a free Benedetta hero along with other interesting mobile legend items.

4. Lucky Spin

Besides getting skins, you can also get free heroes through lucky spin. However, you can’t choose the hero you want because the hero who comes out on the lucky spin is determined by Moonton.

Actually, how to buy a hero in Mobile Legends is quite easy, especially compared to getting it for free. However, you have to prepare more funds if you choose it. You can apply the methods above to have your dream hero.

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