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How to Add Smooth Transitions in Kinemaster Pro

Just type – Video transition is an effect that occurs when two videos overlap. This means that transitions can only be created in certain areas where the two videos overlap. Transitions will not work if there is only one video. The most popular transition among videographers is the Smooth transition. But, before you delve into video transitions, it’s better for you to first know the Features in the Kinemaster Application.
Smooth transition is perfect for cinematic videos or any of your videos. Because I think this transition has been widely used by professional videographers. So in this article I will discuss how to make smooth transitions like a professional videographer, such as Sam Kolder, TaylorCut Films, Jr. Alli, and so on. Okay, here we will only use one application, namely the kinemaster application and in this article I use the kinemaster premiere pro application.

How to add a smooth transition (Smooth Transition) in the kinemaster pro application:

1. Just open the kinemaster application and select the + button or the movie icon in the middle, then select the 16:9 aspect ratio. If you already have an old project, you can also use that project.
2. Well, I don’t have a project here, so please import the footage to which the transition will be added first. How to click media → then import the video to be edited. If the video you import is too long, you can trim the video first as needed.
3. After that add the transition by clicking the store icon on your kinemaster application. Then select the transition icon on the left and scroll down until you see a transition called “Acceleration”. But before that make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet.
4. After finding the acceleration transition, you just download the transition and you don’t need to be afraid of running out of internet packages to install the transition because the transition size is only about 547 kb.
5. After you download the transition, you can use the transition by clicking on the transition section or on the video side box. Then scroll down and look for the acceleration transition that you just downloaded.
6. After you click the transition, there are 6 kinds of transitions, namely speed down, speed in, speed left, speed out, speed right, and speed up. In that section you are free to choose the transition according to your wishes because I think all parts of the acceleration transition are all cool.
7. After selecting the transition, you can also set how long the transition takes. But in this article as an example I chose a duration of 0.5 and above the duration there is a preview box to see the appearance of the transition that you have selected. After you are satisfied with the transition, then click the check mark at the top right.
8. Then use another transition for the next video so that your video looks more interesting.
9. To make the video look like a professional cinematic video, you can add anamorphic bars, sound effects, slow motion, and background text to your videos.
So how about it, guys, how easy is it to make the transition?
The last step you can save the video by selecting the share icon, then set the video resolution according to your wishes and click export. The duration of the export process depends on how long the video is. The longer the duration of the video you make, the longer the video export process will take. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that many know this tutorial. Good luck guys.

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