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How to Add Cool Fonts in Kinemaster

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Text on a video is one of the main media needed in a multimedia content. Text can be used as the main menu, navigation system, or to convey content.
Most video content uses text because it is very effective in conveying ideas or guidance to users. So that the text in a video can look attractive, then use a font that matches the theme of the video you are making.
The type of font that can be used also depends on the video editor application that we use. The better the video editor application that we use, the more and various types of fonts available in it. For example on mobile devices, one of the video editor applications that have various types of fonts is the Kinemaster application.
There are many types of fonts found in the kinemaster application that other applications may not have. Like Dancing Script, Droid Sans, Lontara, Gloss and Bloom fonts, and many more. So with a variety of font types, making the features in the Kinemaster application more complete.
Well, in this article I will discuss the Tutorial on Adding Cool Fonts in the Kinemaster Application and on Android In this tutorial I use Kinemaster Version

How to Add Cool Fonts in Kinemaster

1. Open the kinemaster application that has been installed on your cellphone and select the plus icon (+), then select the aspect ratio according to the video you want to make. You can also use old projects that you have created.
2. Import the video/footage you want to add text to by clicking the media menu then selecting the video you want to edit and clicking the tick icon after selecting the video.
3. After your video enters the timeline, it’s time to add text to your video by clicking the layer menu and selecting text.

4. Type the text you want to include in the video and click select.
5. To change the font type, click the “Aa” icon next to the scissors icon.
6. Choose the font according to your wishes. If it’s not there, you can add a font by selecting the shop icon located in the upper right corner.
7. Select and download the font you want to use. Before downloading make sure your internet connection is active.
8. If so, exit the store and look for the font that you downloaded and click on the font then click the check mark in the upper right corner.
9. If the font has been successfully added, the result will be like the image below.
The last step you can save the video that you have edited by selecting the share icon on the left of the screen. Then set the resolution and frame rate according to your wishes. How are you guys, it’s really easy right? Keep visiting this blog because I will upload interesting info and other tutorials.

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