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How to Activate Dark Mode on HP Realme, Really Easy!

How to Activate Dark Mode on HP Realme, Really Easy!

Realme is one of the Android smartphones that is currently popular or trending for the general public. This Realme comes from the sub-branding, namely OPPO so that at a glance the shape of the OPPO and Realme smartphones is almost similar but not the same. This smartphone is known for its large enough battery capacity so that it lasts all day long in use and the camera quality is good on the smartphone. This Realme has 2 versions of Android namely Android Oreo (Android 8) and Android Pie (Android 9).

Dark mode is an art in which visual displays on various media or platforms that cover black, text, images, and icons are colored as opposed to dark mode.

The Realme smartphone has a built-in dark mode feature so there is no need to install additional applications to activate the Android display dark mode, both the UI system and the applications installed on your Android.

Babang will provide a tutorial on how to activate Dark Mode on a Realme cellphone. This tutorial is only recommended for Realme smartphone users. However, it does not cover Custom ROM users on smartphones can do this tutorial, as long as it supports Android 8 and above.

How to Activate Dark Mode on a Realme cellphone


  1. Open the main menu on your Realme Android smartphone.
  2. Open the Settings application (Settings).
  3. Press the Realme lab option.
  4. Press the Dark Mode option (Dark Mode). The dark mode position indicates that the dark mode is off (off).
  5. Press turn on Activate Now so that dark mode can be fully activated. You can see the sample display listed below.

  6. The appearance of the Android UI system has turned all black. All applications installed on your Realme cellphone also turn into an all-black display.
  7. Back to the main menu, try opening several applications to prove that the applications installed on the Realme cellphone have also turned black (dark mode) or not. If some applications are not affected from dark mode, indicates the UI appearance of the application has been customized by the developer.

  8. Finished.

So, you can try to change the appearance of the system UI and applications installed on your Realme cellphone to an all-black display (dark mode) without installing additional applications from any party or developer. For those with vision problems, the all-white display is caused by the contrast that interferes with your vision. You can also style your Realme cellphone into a dark mode without additional applications.


If the Realme lab option is not available on your Realme cellphone. Then, you have to update the patch or software (ROM) on the smartphone your realme. Make sure the software (ROM) is on smartphone you are the newest.

So that’s the tutorial on How to Activate Dark Mode on a Realme cellphone, it’s quite easy isn’t it? Good luck!

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