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How to Activate a Blocked SIM Card (Update 2021)

Is your SIM card (SIM Card) blocked? Then how to reactivate a blocked SIM card? Can it?

How to Activate a Blocked SIM Card
Sim card

There are several reasons why your SIM card can be blocked, namely you did not register the SIM card or you entered the wrong PIN several times.

How to Activate the Latest Blocked SIM Card 2021

If the blocked cellphone number is an important number, you definitely want to reactivate the number.

Then how to unblock your SIM card? If you don’t know, Babang will provide a complete review of how to activate a blocked SIM card. Immediately, here are the steps you have to do

SIM card blocked due to not registration

Since the government made new rules regarding SIM card registration for all operators, many users have forgotten or don’t know how to re-register SIM cards, so that in April 2021 all SIM cards that were not officially re-registered were blocked.

If you want to reactivate a SIM card that was blocked due to not registering, here are the steps.

1. Visit the nearest service centert
You can visit the nearest service center according to the SIM card you are using.

For users Telkomsel you can visit the office Grapari, for users Indosat you can visit the office Indosat Gallery, for users XL can visit XL Center, user AXIS can visit AXIS Service Center, while card users 3 (Tri) can visit Tri Service Center (3Store).
There later you will be helped to reactivate your blocked cellphone number, if it can be activated then your number can be used again, but if you can’t then you have to change to a new number.

2. Contact the Call Center according to the operator you are using.
To reactivate a blocked phone number, you can contact the call center according to the operator you are using. For an explanation, you can see below.

SIM Card Blocked Due to Wrong PIN Entering

If your SIM card is blocked due to repeatedly entering the wrong PIN, your SIM card automatically cannot be used for SMS, telephone and internet.
To be able to activate it you must know the PUK number, then how do you get the PUK number? Here are the steps

1. Come to the Operator Service Office
Just like the previous method, you can come directly to the Cellular Service office according to the operator you use.

There will be assisted by operator employees to get the PUK number.

You only need to remember the blocked phone number, and bring a blocked SIM card to see the 16-digit number behind the SIM card to make the activation process easier. Don’t forget to bring your ID card for smooth unblocking your cellphone number.

2. Contacting the Operator by Phone
In addition to coming to the operator’s service office, you can also contact the operator by phone to get the PUK code.

The following is the Call Center number that you can contact


  • KartuHalo : 133
  • Simpati and AS Card : 155 (24 hour free customer service) and 188 (paid 24-hour contact center service)

By telephone and fixed phone

  • National : 08071811811
  • Jakarta : 02121899811
  • Bandung : 0222553811
  • Surabaya : 0318403811
  • Medan : 0614578811
  • Makassar : 0411443052


  • PSTN : 02154388888, 02130003000, 02130111111
  • Matrix & StarOne : Dial 111 (Free)
  • Mentari : Dial 222 (free), dial 100 (Rp.400;-/call)
  • IM3 : Dial 100 (cost Rp.400;-/call)
  • Fax : 021 5449501-06

XL Axiata

  • Fixed Phone : +622157959817
  • Telephone via XL : 818 (free autoresponder), 817 (Contact Service XL costs Rp.350;-/call)
  • Fax : +62-21-579 59808
  • Official Email :
  • Twitter : @XLCare


  • Phone : 838 or 0838 8000 838
  • Official Email :
  • Twitter : @ask_AXIS

3 (Three/Tri)

  • Phone : 123 or 0896 44000 123
  • Email :


  • Phone : 888 from Smartfren card (Rp300/call) or 02150100000 / 08811223344

How to Register a New SIM Card for All Operators

So that your SIM card is not blocked, SIM Card registration is very important, because of that Babang will share a tutorial on how to register a SIM Card for new users. There are two ways to register a SIM card, namely via SMS and online, the following is an explanation:

SIM Card Registration via SMS

For new SIM Card users so that your SIM card is not blocked, here’s how to register via SMS

1. Tri, Indosat and Smartfren users

Type NIK#KK Number then send to 4444

Example : 7642890528654126#45728908765 send to 4444

2. XL and AXIS (XL Axiata)

Type REGISTER#NIK#KK Number send to 4444

Example: REGISTER#7642890528654126#45728908765 then send to 4444

3. Telkomsel

Type REG#NIK#KK Number and send to 4444

Example: REG#7642890528654126#45728908765 then send to 4444

SIM Card Registration Online

Alternatively, other than via SMS, you can also register through the operator’s official website or online.

Complete the requirements requested at the time of online registration.

The final word

So that’s how to reactivate a blocked SIM card, hopefully it’s useful and good luck!