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Here's How to Transfer Gopay Balance Without Upgrading, Really Easy!

How to Transfer Gopay Balance

Gopay is one of the e-money features available on the Gojek application. With gopay, users can easily pay orders or bills easily and instantly. In addition, Gojek also provides many promos to its customers if the customer pays the order or bill using Gopay.

If your Gopay account has been upgraded, it must be very easy to make payments or just make payments transfer gopay balance fellow customers. But, what if you want to do transfer gopay balance to other people’s gopay but you are still under age or do not have an ID card?
Surely for those of you who are still underage it will be difficult to do this gopay transfer without ID card. Actually, you can also upgrade your gopay account using a parent’s or friend’s ID card, as long as you have a photo ID and a photo of your face (selfie) with your friend’s or parent’s ID card.

2 Ways to Transfer Gopay Balance Without Upgrading

1. Gopay Balance Transfer Via Alfa Group

You can transfer gopay balances without upgrading your account via Alfa Group, namely Alfamart and Alfamidi. Here’s how to transfer GoPay balance via Alfamart or Alfamidi.
1. Come to the Alfamart or Alfamidi cashier and tell the cashier if you want to top up your gopay balance.
2. The cashier will ask if you want to top up your gopay customer or driver balance. Then you answer by filling in the customer’s gopay balance.
3. Notify the cashier of the cellphone number that you registered with the Gojek application.
4. Tell the cashier the nominal amount of the gopay balance that you will top up. For the nominal balance, it should not be arbitrary, because you can only top up your gopay balance with a nominal value of Rp. 20,000, Rp. 50,000, Rp. 100,000, and so on.
5. Pay the nominal balance that you want to top up with an additional IDR 2,000 as an admin fee.
6. The cashier will top up the balance to your gopay account.
7. If the filling has been successful, you can confirm whether your gopay balance has increased by clicking More on the main page, then clicking history.

You can use the method above to do transfer gopay balance to others gopay users by mentioning the gopay user’s cellphone number to which you will send the gopay balance. Then save the proof of payment as proof that you have transferred the GoPay balance.

2. Transfer Gopay Balance Through Someone Else’s Account

Well, you can use this method to transfer gopay balances without upgrading. The trick is, you can ask your friends or relatives for help who have an upgraded GoPay account. With a note that your friend’s gopay account has a balance in accordance with the nominal you want to transfer.
Make a balance transfer using your friend’s or relative’s gopay account according to the instructions. If the balance has been sent, you can replace the shipping costs to your friends using cash.

That’s the article how to transfer gopay balance without upgrading. Gopay balance transfers cannot be done on accounts that have not upgraded. But you can use the two methods above for those of you who still want to transfer your GoPay balance without upgrading your GoPay account.

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