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Here's How to Submit Assignments in Google Classroom, Really Easy!

Students must read this article because it discusses how to send assignments to classroom, how to send assignments in the classroom application, how to send assignments via google classroom, how to send assignments via google classroom, and how to send assignments via pdf.

How to Submit Assignments in Google Classroom
If We looking for info about Why can’t I send assignments in Google Classroom, how to view assignments in google classroom or how to see grades in google classroom, then you’ve found the right article. Because here will be discussed about how to submit assignments in Google classroom, so please read this article to the end.
Lately working, studying and worshiping from home is very popular, even some people proudly say “work from home”. Well for those who are still in school, like We for example hehe, the name is a bit different, namely study from home.

One of the instruments used to study from home is Google Classroom, many people who me
mantake advantage of Google Classroom because it is free, and the service is premium.

Maybe one day Google Classroom will beat various existing paid study platforms, such as Gmail with its free service that beats its competitors from all over the world hehe.
Okay, before heading to the main menua how to upload assignments to GoogleClassroom, You have to know first, that Google Classroom can be opened using a Laptop or PC, or also K’s Android phoneali, what about the iPhone? It’s also possible, but it’s not as practical as using Android, but it’s clear that you can and it’s easy, so please follow this guide carefully.
Students, students or anyone who has assignments, and must submit their assignments via Google Classroom, don’t be confused, here it is how to submit assignments in Google Classroom :
1. Create a Google Classroom account, keep in mind that a Google Classrom account can be created easily, if youlian already have a Google account, basically if the phone you wantlian use is android, maybe you can be sure, 97% You must already have a Google account.
If you don’t have it yet, please create one, the method is very easy, if confused, please Google it.
2. Download and start using Google Classroom, to make good use of Google Classroom, Kalian can use 2 ways:
1. Via the website, by visiting then logging in using your Google Classroom account, after that, Kalian can join a class or even create a new class, very easy no?
2. When Kalian using Android, then Kalian can download Google Classroom app on Google PlayStore, after successful application indownload and install, please login, and Kalian can join a class or even create a new class.
3. Submit an assignment to Google Classroom, now it’s time to learn how to submit assignments to Google Classroom. There are several methods that can be used, namely:
1. First, submit assignments to Google Classroom using a Laptop, PC or computer. After you log in to Google Classroom, please click the class you want to go to, then select an assignment, then attach the assignment to be collected, it can be an attachment on Google Drive, it can be a link, it can also be a PDF file, Word, JPG and others, then please click attach a new document, then click submit, and finally please confirm.
2. Second, send assignments to Google Classroom using an android phone. To start sending assignments using an android phone, first, please open Google Classroom, if you have, please select the class you are going to, then select the assignment, if you have expanded your assignment card, you can do this by clickingefor her.
JIf you have, then please attach the items and tasks you wantlian submit, the same as above, you can submit links or files in various types of formats, if the task has been attached, please click submit, if so, the last step you need to do is click confirm.
So those were 3 easy steps submit assignments via Google Classroom. Oh yes, if you can’t submit assignments in Google Classroom, there could be several reasons, some of which are, firstly because the internet signal is disconnected or not good, the second is because of Kalian not registered as a student in that class, so you have to join the class first before submitting assignments in Google Classroom.

Looks like this article is long enough, hopefully writing about how to submit assignments in Google classroom this can be useful for We, that’s all, good luck and see you in the other posts.

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